Living in NZ is expensive, what will the Budget do? Economist explains

Will the Budget really make a difference to the cost of living? We asked an economist.

I opened a new business during a pandemic | Side by Side

“My dream was to have this place full of people.”

How Aotearoa built its dairy empire on billions of dollars of debt | Milk and Money | Episode 1

Milk and Money, our series investigating the dairy industry is here.

Why we may not need cows to make milk | Milk and Money | Episode 6

Half of calves in New Zealand are killed within days or weeks of being born.

America’s Cup loss totalled $156m, with Covid and a lack of superyachts blamed

Analysis of the 36th America’s Cup event in Auckland shows we put in a lot more money than it made.

How the housing market got so cooked

We all know the housing market’s fucked. But how did it get so bad? Re:’s Cass Marrett went back nearly 40 years to find out.  

For the…

New Zealanders are working longer without a lot to show for it

We work real hard and it doesn’t really pay off, according to the New Zealand Productivity Commission’s report released today.

The report reveals that we work longer…

I don’t understand the Budget so I got an economist to explain it to me - 2021 edition

The Government has announced its 2021 Budget. Re: journalist Cass Marrett asked an economist to break it down for her.

Another year, another Budget. This year is…

New Zealanders may be spending $34 a week on items linked to slave labour

The report showed $3.1 billion worth of goods linked to slave labour were imported into NZ in 2019.

How the Government plans to unfuck NZ housing

This morning the Government announced what they will do to address the worsening housing crisis.

It’s all about making it less attractive for property investors to buy…

Connecting Māori businesses to the Pākehā world

Kahurangi Malcolm is part of the team at Amotai who are playing a significant role in the growth of the Māōri economy. Through her role as…

There are fewer houses available to buy in NZ than ever

The number of houses available to buy in New Zealand hit a new record low in December.

A young father shows us how he lives on the benefit | Show Us Your Money

A young father shows us his life on the Jobseeker Benefit.

I watched the Young Voters' Debate and was actually entertained

Here are seven highlights from last night's showdown.

The six-month Covid rent freeze ends today, but rents are already going up. A lot.

The six-month Covid rent freeze ends today, and some landlords are putting up rent as fast as possible. Others tried to illegally raise rents during the…

Pasifika teens sacrificing education for survival is not new

Choosing between school and work to support your family is common for Pasifika children.

Covid-19 Live Updates: First day at level 1

Check in here for the key, verified facts on how New Zealand is dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic.  

1:00pm Tuesday 9 June - day one at alert…

Covid-19 Live Updates: Sunday 24 May

Check in here for the key, verified facts on how New Zealand is dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic.1:00pm Sunday 24 May - day 11 at alert…

Live music's fight to survive Covid-19

It's estimated the NZ live music industry has lost $68 million due to Covid-19. Musicians, venue owners and all those who love music are rallying us…

Covid-19 Live Updates: Day 13 of level 3

Check in here for the key, verified facts on how New Zealand is dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic.1:00pm Sunday 10 May - day 13 at alert…

Behind the scenes as a small business opens up after lockdown

The folks at Electric Chicken show us what it's like to be a small business operator transitioning into a new, post-lockdown world.

Job losses hit Weta game division after layoffs from AR company Magic Leap

Update: Weta Workshop has confirmed all of the layoffs on Monday 4 May were Magic Leap employees - which they say is less than half of…

Future essential workers are expected to live in poverty to get qualified

Covid-19 has made life harder for many New Zealanders, but students remain the only group whose support package is just more debt. Re: spoke with eight…

Covid-19 Live Updates: our last day at alert level 4

Check in here for the key, verified facts on how New Zealand is dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic. 1:00pm Monday 27 April - day 33 of lockdown,…

What life looks like at each of the Covid alert levels

New Zealand will move to alert level 3 at 11.59pm on Monday April 27. We’ve broken down what each alert level means, along with illustrations by…

A poem to help us process our frustration and anxiety right now

In just a few weeks, many of us went from feeling more or less secure in our livelihoods to losing them. The rest of us are…

Small businesses tell us how we can support them during the pandemic

How they are adapting during lockdown and what we can do to support them.

Covid-19 Live Updates: New Zealand experiences its second death

Check in here for the key, verified facts on how New Zealand is dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic. We update this several times a day.1:00pm, Friday…

A young person’s guide to money in the days of Covid-19

Young people might feel like Covid won’t hurt them. But Ministry of Health data shows people in their 20s have the highest rates of the virus,…