“I’ve never been out of a job, since my first job ever, until Covid.”

This young father is living on the Jobseeker Benefit and has been applying for countless jobs. He shows us how he portions out his income each week, and tells us about his experience with WINZ.

At the time of filming, he was receiving $338.65 each week. However, he’s now receiving $297.74 a week as he’s no longer getting the Winter Energy Payment which ended on 1 October.

His experience is mostly in warehousing and logistics, where he’s held managerial positions. If you know of any job opportunities, feel free to drop us a line here and we will pass the message on.

This is the third episode of Show Us Your Money, a series where a range of New Zealanders get candid about their coin. We’re stripping away the secrecy around our bank accounts, and showing the reality of life in Aotearoa at different income levels. Watch the rest of the series here.

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