‘We're trying to make CVs irrelevant’: Rangatahi create new job app

It’s an age-old dilemma. You want a job but don’t have enough experience but you need a job to gain experience. 

It’s a problem that a group…

'Cannabis sommelier' is an actual job. Here's what they do.

‘Cannabis sommelier’ is an actual job. Kaya, a certified cannabis sommelier, explains what they do.

A young father shows us how he lives on the benefit | Show Us Your Money

A young father shows us his life on the Jobseeker Benefit.

Job losses hit Weta game division after layoffs from AR company Magic Leap

Update: Weta Workshop has confirmed all of the layoffs on Monday 4 May were Magic Leap employees - which they say is less than half of…

What I know about the business of stripping

Top earners in the world of stripping know the art of the hustle. They understand that for men to feel comfortable spending money on them, they…


"Forced onto the job-seeker benefit while pregnant with cancer was a dehumanising traumatic experience." - We Are Beneficiaries is a social media project that aims to…

Working as a Scooter Juicer

You've seen Lime scooters make their way from Auckland down to the South Island, now take a look at a day in the life of Jesse…

Nude Dudes

In the buff goes next level with these nude dudes. We get underneath the robes of the Bare Butlers, getting to the bottom of what it's…

Women inventors

From Kevlar to cookies - here's a look at some of the greatness that has come from the minds of women.

Comedian by day, Uber driver by night

Tarun Mohanbhai has a secret double life: during the day he's getting folks from A to B in his standard issue Toyota Prius as an Uber…

Joel is one of the youngest commercial pilots in NZ

If you thought being a pilot was impressive enough, meet Joel. He's just 22 & one of New Zealand's youngest commercial pilots ✈️??

Kiwi stormchasers

To most people tornadoes, twisters and thunder all scream 'run!', but for this Christchurch photographer, storms mean one thing: it's all about the chase. ?⛈⚡️

Should more women be considering building as a career?

Onehunga High School student Sophie believes women shouldn't be afraid to enter into this male dominated workforce.

Are Bachelor of Arts still relevant?

In the realm of tertiary education the BA has long been looked down upon by 'fancier' degrees with more letters in their titles. Why does it…

Top jobs... that kill

Can you guess which three industries are the most dangerous in terms of workplace deaths?

Odd Jobs #3 - Rat Catcher

Meet Kat, she catches rats.


"Forced onto the job-seeker benefit while pregnant with cancer was a dehumanising traumatic experience." - We Are Beneficiaries is a social media project that aims to…

  • 05 Feb 19

Odd Jobs #3 - Dawn rifles through recycling

Dawn is a Recycling Contamination Inspector and she may have spent a part of her morning looking through your recycling bin.

Josie & T - Employment

Josie & T are here to support you on your job-finding journey. From white lies on your CV to how to interview well - they've got…

Odd Jobs #2 - Stopping takahē incest

Yes, you read that right, this man works hard to stop takahē incest.

The 'Slashie' Generation

'Slashies' are those who aren't confined by one job or role. We met with three incredible people with nine incredible titles.

Scott and Colleen, - Artists in Birkenhead, Auckland

Scott and Colleen are a) married, b) both artists and c) loving every minute of it ? ? ?

How do you stop young prisoners reoffending?

These young offenders at Christchurch Men's Prison are taught skills like bike repair and gardening in hopes to bring down the likelihood of reoffending.

Window Washers - Service or Nuisance?

Show of hands: do you wind up your windows and avoid eye contact or do you check under the seat for change to give the window…

On set with the NZ Police

Have you ever wanted to talk to the police without having to call 111? Now's your chance.

If you'd like to have a kōrero with the cops,…