Painful periods aren’t normal. This myth delayed my endometriosis diagnosis

“It’s just terrible how [the health sector] doesn’t really take women’s pain seriously.”

5 lessons from interviewing 100 indigenous wāhine

Qiane Matata-Sipu shares 5 lessons from interviewing 100 indigenous wāhine.

Period products in schools are only guaranteed till June. What happens after that?

"To remove a programme like this … would be destructive.”

Why Māori celebrate the ikura/period

“Ikura is a symbol of whakapapa.”

No one had ever spoken to me about miscarriage. I’m talking about mine

"The loss of a pregnancy is the loss of a dream," writes Ataria Sharman.

What to tell the dudebros who say there’s no gender pay gap

If you’re a woman then from today, you are effectively working for free for the rest of the year.

Why women don’t whaikōrero

Is colonisation the reason why wāhine don’t whaikōrero?

Why I had an abortion: Young NZers share their stories

Despite abortion being decriminalised, it remains a divisive topic in New Zealand.

Women tell us the worst DMs they've received

From dick pics to sugar daddy requests, women tell us the worst DMs they’ve received online.

What it's really like being a female tradie in NZ

Brooke Thompson is one of just only 2% of female electricians in Aotearoa,

How Sāmoa’s spirit women, Teine Sā, became demonised

Once seen as protectors, Sāmoa’s spirit women, Teine Sā, were considered powerful female deities. 

Anal sex is on the rise but education isn’t catching up

“When I get regular STI checks, I never get asked about anal sex then either - only vagina or oral."

Thousands of women injured during childbirth will be covered by ACC under proposed changes

The Government today announced plans for maternity healthcare improvements

Meet the kaikōrero advocates who are reimagining justice in Aotearoa | He Kākano Ahau: Wawatatia…

"Let's get rid of that old colonising system, let's start again."

From antidepressants to clueless partners: Women tell us about struggling to orgasm

Re: speaks to seven women involved about the orgasm gap.

Thomasin McKenzie is pretty bloody good at acting

“It is definitely in my blood,” Thomasin says.

We follow four women reclaiming their sexual pleasure

"Centring pleasure as a lifestyle is a powerful way to find balance.”

We celebrate wāhine who choose to challenge the status quo

It’s International Women’s Day so Re: has rounded up our best stories of women kicking ass.

Breaking down misconceptions about Middle Eastern women

"A lot of Iranian women are some of the most glamorous people I've ever met." Ghazaleh Golbakhsh is breaking down the stereotypes of the 'terrorist' or…

Three women under 25 tell us how they'll shape New Zealand

The YWCA has chosen 25 women under the age of 25 for a new project highlighting the power of young wāhine. Re: chatted with three people…

Podcast: Four wāhine kōrero about how they found their voice

The theme of the night was 'How I found my voice'.

Green MP Golriz Ghahraman, activist and artist Qiane Matata-Sipu, Kāpiti Coast district councillor and Strike 4…

Women in New Zealand are getting HIV, but aren’t getting tested

HIV doesn’t discriminate, but the way it’s tested can. The stereotype that associates the virus with gay men means New Zealand women aren’t taken seriously when…

Our favourite quotes from wāhine at our International Women’s Day event

We threw a party to celebrate International Women’s Day, along with our mates The Oh Nine, and asked four powerful wāhine how they found their voice.…

11 women tell us how they found their voice

A rising hip-hop star, an environmental science student, a champion for te ao Māori, a Green MP and a vogue house mother - these wāhine demonstrate…

Queer Portraits of Auckland

Becki Moss is a photographer and visual storyteller with a background in environmental science, psychology and medical science. Her photo project Queer Portraits of Auckland captures…

Rugby league star Georgia Hale is the Young New Zealander of the Year

Georgia Hale is striving to make rugby league a game for everyone. The 24-year-old has been awarded the 2020 Young New Zealander of the Year.

The Young New Zealander of the Year finalists on their favourite New Zealanders

On Thursday night Georgia Hale became 2020’s Young New Zealander of the Year – a title awarded to an impressive young leader between 15 and 30…

Jang Huddle is telling 1.5 generation stories through dance

Cindy Jang is extending the possibilities of what dance can be with her collective Jang Huddle.

Music by Imugi 이무기

7 questions with The Handmaid's Tale author Margaret Atwood

"Some of the states in the United States have gone all the way to Gilead, pretty much." Margaret Atwood was in NZ for a speaking tour,…

Honest Conversations With Our Mums

“I hate it when people don’t know I’m brown,” says Saraid de Silva Cameron, who has both Sri Lankan and Pākehā heritage. Conversely, her mum Karenza…