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NZ CEOs earn up to 88 times more than employees: We crunched the numbers

The gap between CEO and worker pay has been widening in recent decades.

Interest explained: how it affects the price of everything

But even if you’re not borrowing money, interest affects the price of everything in Aotearoa.

Spotify and Tinder use AI to influence us but won’t tell us how

“The process isn’t human or necessarily understandable to us."

Living in NZ is expensive, what will the Budget do? Economist explains

Will the Budget really make a difference to the cost of living? We asked an economist.

Supermarket sector competition 'not working well for consumers'

The Commerce Commission has shared its recommendations to improve competition.

‘Comically bad’ NZ-made NFT scheme ‘Pixelmon’ sparks outrage

"It literally looked like something from Microsoft Paint."

‘We're trying to make CVs irrelevant’: Rangatahi create new job app

It’s an age-old dilemma. You want a job but don’t have enough experience but you need a job to gain experience. 

It’s a problem that a group…

Fashion brands like Kate Sylvester and Ruby may not be as sustainable as you think

Glassons and Juliette Hogan did not follow labelling rules, a consumer protection group says.

How the Kellogg’s strike affects our Corn Flakes in NZ

From Corn Flakes, Nutri-Grain and Coco Pops, local supermarkets are filled with Kellogg’s products.

Countdown essential workers strike, asking for wages to match rising cost of living

About 800 distribution centre workers want pay increase to match rise in cost of living.

I opened a new business during a pandemic | Side by Side

“My dream was to have this place full of people.”

For the rest of the year Pasifika women work for free because of the pay gap

For every $1 an hour a Pākehā man makes, a Pasifika woman will earn 72 cents.

New report reveals which clothing brands are unsustainable

Where do your clothes come from, and how are they made?

Young New Zealanders are learning more about their finances from TikTok and YouTube than from school

90 percent said they want to learn more about budgeting and how to plan and save their money.

Here’s what we know about the Facebook outage this morning

The outage was the second biggest the company has experienced.

80% of future jobs will require maths and sciences, skills NZ is lacking

A projected 80 percent of future jobs will require maths and science skills. And NZ is not ready.

Lockdown has helped fuel the second hand shopping industry

Lockdown doesn't mean we have to give up second hand shopping

OnlyFans has decided not to ban porn, after backlash from sex workers

Many sex workers say the damage is done and they won’t return to the platform.

‘It’s a fucking slap in the face’: NZ sex workers respond to OnlyFans banning porn

“The only reason OnlyFans is so popular around the world is because of sex workers."

New Instagram settings designed to protect younger users

All Instagram accounts for those aged under 16 are now private by default.

Checking your phone at work just makes you more bored, study finds

When you're bored at work, do you aimlessly scroll through your phone?

Restaurants stop service in protest of ongoing staff problems

About 2000 restaurants are switching the lights off and suspending service for two minutes today.

New Zealand is sending two satellites to Mars

New Zealand is going to Mars…

I started one of NZ’s first Discord drug servers at 18

The mastermind of one of NZ’s first illegal drug servers was an 18-year-old Wellington student.

Women are paid $60,000 less than men working as chartered accountants, a new survey finds

The survey of more than 4500 chartered accountants in New Zealand and Australia shows women are paid up to 40 to 50 percent less than their…

New Zealanders are working longer without a lot to show for it

We work real hard and it doesn’t really pay off, according to the New Zealand Productivity Commission’s report released today.

The report reveals that we work longer…

Facebook wants you to read articles before sharing them

Facebook is testing a feature where users who haven’t read news stories are asked to before sharing.

Kara Technologies is reimagining tech for deaf people

Meet Niki, a hyper-realistic avatar that can communicate sign language.