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Māori Millionaire’s finance tips

Te Kahukura shares some of her top tips to help you reach your financial goals.

How your corn chips are made

New Zealanders spend over $1 billion a year on snack foods, but do you know how they are made?

Is greed impacting the cost of your groceries?

Some reports say the high cost of living is being driven by firms charging more than they need to.

Why working hard doesn’t always make you rich

“I will be a Māori Millionaire.”

Rangatahi talk financial goals

Honey Ellis (Tainui, Ngāti Kahungunu) is a social worker turned TikTok educator.

The TikToker helping rangatahi grow their cash

The Māori Money Movement series is created in partnership with Sorted.

How to become your own boss: Rangatahi share their secrets

“ I didn’t choose brick laying, brick laying chose me.”

I’m a sex worker…and I’m asexual

“I have no intention of leaving the industry. This is a part of my identity.”

An OnlyFans creator making $5k a week answers your questions

“A lot of people want to smell my gym socks.”

I opened a new business during a pandemic | Side by Side

“My dream was to have this place full of people.”

Kara Technologies is reimagining tech for deaf people

Meet Niki, a hyper-realistic avatar that can communicate sign language.

Intern Arwen meets an AI named Josie

Re: intern Arwen has a fascination with artificial intelligence. New Zealand businesses are catching on too with over half saying that AI is or will be…

Behind the scenes as a small business opens up after lockdown

The folks at Electric Chicken show us what it's like to be a small business operator transitioning into a new, post-lockdown world.

Small businesses tell us how we can support them during the pandemic

How they are adapting during lockdown and what we can do to support them.

These apps are democratising mental health care

University can be a lonely place. For many students, going from high school to university is a big adjustment that can take a toll on our…

Fighting the catch-22 facing female tech workers

"When you don't see people that you recognise as something connected to your own reality, it's hard to dream about it," says Gabriela Agustini, a Red…

The uni student curing our shopping addiction with an app

If the entire world matched New Zealand’s consumption habits, we’d need two and a half planets to sustain us.

Otago University student Magdeline Huang has an idea…

The Good Shop disrupting predatory mobile lending on our streets

The world of mobile lending is full of predators that take advantage of some of Aotearoa’s most vulnerable. Enter The Good Shop, a mobile shopping truck…

Degree minors have major impact

Even if you're doing the same degree as someone, your experiences could be very different depending on the majors and minors you pick. AUT business students…

A Day in the Life of an Intern: The Warehouse

You need work experience to get a job, but you need a job to get work experience. It's the age-old conundrum that continues to stump uni…

A Day in the Life of an Intern: Burger King

53% of young bachelor grads go straight from study into work. Internships can help make that first career move a lot smoother. We spent the day…

Staying Safe Online

Online shopping scams are everywhere, just ask Jack - he was scammed when trying to buy a ticket to a gig. You can’t be too careful…

Student Side Hustles: Necta

After creating a brand for a marketing assignment at AUT, Noor and Jesse took their idea out of the classroom and into the real world. Necta…

Student Side Hustles: Phoric

Being highly caffeinated is a common state among university students, but Holly and Bradley took it one step further! Sick of the usual suspects in the…

Silence for Science

What's an electronically clean environment? It's a place with no light pollution, no atmospheric pollution and no radio transmissions. There is such a place in Antarctica,…

Discussing ethics and issues in the future of tech

The future of tech could be utopic... or it could be dystopic. We live streamed the Red Bull Basement University Launchpad event at AUT, with Alexa…

What was the last problem your phone helped you solve?

We are so attached to our phones that they might become permanently fused to our hands as we evolve (that's how science works right?). Canterbury Uni…

Victoria Uni students imagine the future of tech

Robot bodies, 3D printing organs and improving the way we use social media... students take a break during their all-nighters at Victoria Uni to ruminate on…

Penny the Penguin

When BNZ wanted to help teach kids how to prioritise what’s important they created Penny the Penguin – a storybook app that follows Penny on a…