Crime & Justice

Three Strikes makes its return: The controversial law explained

The Government is reviving the Three Strikes legislation Labour scrapped two years ago.

We both survived abuse in state care, 45 years apart

250,000 children, young people and vulnerable adults were abused in care from 1950 to 2019.

Explainer: South Africa’s genocide case against Israel

An urgent hearing is set to begin at the International Court of Justice. Here’s what it is about.

Policy breakdown: Crime and justice

Get an overview of each New Zealand political parties' policy on crime and justice.

Do voters feel like youth crime is getting worse?

We asked them if the issue will affect how they vote in the upcoming election.

Why Aotearoa needs to make consent education compulsory

“My name is Liv and I’ve been sexually harassed more times than I can count.”

I just got out of prison and have to rebuild my life with $350

Here in New Zealand, over a third of people who leave prison are back inside within two years.

I wanted to hurt the people who killed my son. But violence won’t help

“There's no other way to say it - I wanted to kill them. I was gonna kill them."

Apparently some people find NZ's hate speech laws controversial...why?

Strengthening Aotearoa’s hate speech laws was recommended two years ago, following March 15.

Why people get name suppression in NZ

Is it just something rich celebrities are able to get? Not really.

Christchurch students speak out over sexual assaults, rape in survey

The two surveys follow a similar report done at Christchurch Girls' High 15 months ago.

A question of consent: The final arguments in Wellington sex offences case

Final arguments have been made by the prosecution and defence today.

Why the Wellington man on trial for sexual offences has name suppression

Do people get name suppression just for being high-profile in New Zealand?

Trial for Wellington musician accused of 8 sexual offences begins

The first of six complainants gave evidence today.

More young NZers victims of sextortion: What to do if it happens to you

NZ Police are warning of increasing sextortion incidents where NZers are targeted.

‘It’s like disappearing’: what it’s like to go to prison in NZ | True Justice

In the first episode of True Justice, we hear about what it’s like to be arrested.

How do we build a world without police and prisons | True Justice

“It means giving support to people so that they can live their best lives.”

‘I did the crime. I deserved the time. But when does that end?’ | True Justice

“It affects jobs, it affects travel, it affects insurance - it doesn’t go away.”

‘I'm not delivering my baby in a court cell’: pregnant in prison | True Justice

Listen to the third episode of our new podcast series, True Justice.

What it’s actually like inside prison, and how you survive | True Justice

In Episode 2, hear the history of prisons in NZ, what day-to-day life is like on the inside.

Police issue MDMA warning after 20-year-old dies in Christchurch

Urgent call for people to test their drugs after serious incidents

Police now have more powers to seize criminal assets

New legislation aims to target gangs and make it harder for members to profit from criminal activity

Bullying in NZ boarding schools has gone on for generations

“I didn't become a teacher to contribute and work in an environment like this.”

Call for NZ to lift age of criminal responsibility

An advocate has called for NZ to raise its age of criminal responsibility from 10 to 12 immediately.

The govt wants to ban cash payments for watches and boats to tackle gangs

As well, discharging a gun to intimidate could be punishable by up to five years in prison.

Inside ram raids: Why NZ teens are crashing cars into shops

Nearly 90% of ram raid offenders are under the age of 20, with the majority under 17.