Social Welfare

Discrimination is putting LGBTIQ+ at risk of homelessness

 Takatāpui and LGBTIQ+ people in Aotearoa face a higher risk of homelessness due to discrimination, according to new research. 

Researchers from the University of Otago, Wellington, interviewed…

  • 21 Dec 21

Benefits are going up, but only marginally

On Thursday, changes in benefit rules and this year’s minimum wage increase kicks in. It should make it easier for those earning the least amounts to…

The new social supermarket where nothing has a price tag

Instead of being allocated food parcels, this new supermarket lets people choose exactly what food support they need -  and it’s all for free. 

New Zealand’s first…

A young father shows us how he lives on the benefit | Show Us Your Money

A young father shows us his life on the Jobseeker Benefit.

New Zealanders seem to hate beneficiaries. Is there hope that Covid will change that?

Covid has meant nearly 40,000 people have accessed the jobseeker benefit, nearly half of them for the first time. One million New Zealanders have been given…

Opinion: Bridges beats up on his own

There’s a slim chance Simon Bridges could become New Zealand’s first prime minister who has Māori heritage.  He’s trying to increase those chances by shitting on…

Why are renters scared to use a service that fights for their rights?

If you're renting in Aotearoa there's a high chance you know what Molly's talking about. But why aren't more renters doing something about their crappy conditions?

When your parent is in prison, who is there for you?

Pillars (Ka Pou Whakahou) is aiming to break the cycle of generational offending by providing care and support for young Kiwis who have parents in prison.…

Buying a Pak'n Save for the people

PAK'nSAVE is great for a bargain, but Kaitaia's community really struck gold when they bought the abandoned supermarket for just $2! So, what are they going…

Bedtime stories from the inside

Arohata Women's Prison lets these prisoners record bedtime stories to their loved ones - whether it's to their kids, uncles or even their pets! ??

Why is abortion under the Crimes Act in New Zealand?

Abortion is under the Crimes Act in New Zealand, with women having to jump through hoops in order to legally have one. Lara shares her story…

Prisoners training mobility dogs for the disabled

While the inmates at Spring Hill Corrections Facility train these dogs to help those less able, they're also learning incredibly important lessons like patience and responsibility.

How effective is the NZ prison system?

"I just wanted to get bail so I'd just say the right things to the judge." We now have more than 10,000 people in jails across…

How a UBI could help young business owners

Is a Universal Basic Income an option we should be considering for the future?