Maggie Shui

Is the yardie dead? Inside 21st birthdays in Aotearoa

We made a documentary series about 21st birthdays and there’s somehow not a single yardie.

Inside Misha’s 21st, NZ’s baddest influencer | 2000s Baby

Watch the first episode of our brand new docuseries, 2000s Baby.

I want to come out to my parents before my 21st | 2000s Baby

“I’m always known to be the quiet one.”

Lip filler, rejection and immigrant parents: Alison’s 21st | 2000s Baby

“I’m Alison, I’m 21 and I’m a baddie.”

Cook Islands 21sts are all about family, but mine can’t come | 2000s Baby

Watch the fifth episode of 2000s Baby now, following Poe Tiare.

NZ’s list of top climate polluting companies revealed

A 2021 report found that Fonterra and Z Energy were among New Zealand’s worst climate polluters.

Tikanga is crucial to our response to the climate crisis

New research shows tikanga Māori practices are crucial to responding to climate challenges

Covid update: 215 new cases and more info on vaccines and businesses

There are 215 new community cases today: 196 in Auckland, 11 in Waikato, four in Northland.

Covid update: 79% fully vaccinated and 125 new cases

There are 125 new community cases today. 117 in Auckland, 2 in Waikato and 6 in Northland.

Bat wins Bird of the Year 2021 by a landslide

Pekapeka-tou-roa, the long-tailed bat, has taken the title of Te Manu Rongonui o te Tau 2021

Covid update: 125 new cases, including 2 in Christchurch

There are 125 new community cases today.

Festival drug-checking services will now receive government funding

Drug-checking services at summer festivals will receive government funding for the first time.

Covid-19 update: Vaccination required for hospitality and gym workers

87 percent of the eligible population has now received at least one vaccine dose.

Let’s talk about: How effective is the Covid vaccine, really?

We explain the vaccine's effectiveness in preventing you from getting Covid.

Stirfryboyz x Taebz share a song for your next late-night drive through the city

Re: chats with the boyz about their new song and music video ‘Metropolis.’

Covid-19 update: Auckland, Waikato and Northland to stay at Alert Level 3

Auckland will stay at Alert Level 3 with current restrictions for a week.

Made My Day: Bats swoop in to disrupt NZ’s Bird of the Year race

A bat is now a candidate in this year’s Te Manu Rongonui o te Tau/Bird of the Year race

'All the girls are your cousins': life as a teen in the Far North

We meet mates Josh and Billy, both 14. They show us what life is like in Hokianga.

A Māori health nurse shares how she makes 25% less than DHB nurses | Show Us Your Money

A nurse at a Māori health provider shares how she supports her whānau on a $55K salary.

Covid update: Auckland will move to level 3 at 11.59pm Tuesday

Auckland will move to Level 3 at 11.59pm, Tuesday 21st September.

Growing up trans in rural NZ: My first school ball

"I’ve always known who I am.”

Trans-Tasman bubble suspended for 8 weeks

The trans-Tasman bubble just got suspended for another eight weeks.

Parts of the Amazon now emitting more carbon than they absorb

Some regions of the Amazon rainforest are now emitting more carbon dioxide than they absorb.

Folic acid will now be added to bread to help prevent birth defects

Folic acid is proven to prevent birth defects such as spina bifida and other neural tube defects.

“Dreams come with a price tag”: South Auckland students on picking a career path

Which young people in Aotearoa have the freedom to pursue careers in the arts?

10 out of 18 freshwater taonga struggling to survive

Tuna, kākahi (freshwater mussels) and kōura (freshwater crayfish) are all at risk.

'Cannabis sommelier' is an actual job. Here's what they do.

‘Cannabis sommelier’ is an actual job. Kaya, a certified cannabis sommelier, explains what they do.