‘No curries’: How Indian NZers experience racism from venues

“[It] constantly reminds you of the fact that you might be an outsider and that you don't fit in."

Why is bi still hard for people to buy?

For those of us who identify as ‘B’, it’s painfully obvious that our letter may as well be silent. 

  • 23 Sep 22

Racism stopping young South and East Asians from accessing NZ healthcare, study finds

1 in 5 South Asian and East Asian students say they have experienced some form of unfair treatment.

Discrimination is putting LGBTIQ+ at risk of homelessness

 Takatāpui and LGBTIQ+ people in Aotearoa face a higher risk of homelessness due to discrimination, according to new research. 

Researchers from the University of Otago, Wellington, interviewed…

  • 21 Dec 21

Māori, disabled and sexually diverse people more likely to be victims of crime

The third annual New Zealand Crime and Victims Survey was released today. Here's what it said.

Racism and Islamophobia are a mental health issue

We’ve finally started to talk about mental health in New Zealand. But many discussions don’t include the experiences of people of colour. We need to talk…

For six months, cops in NZ had guns - campaigners say it can't continue

For six months, cops in New Zealand had guns. Campaigners say we can’t allow it to continue.

New Zealanders tell us why they marched with the Black Lives Matter movement

On June 1, New Zealanders marched in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. Here's why.

New Zealanders seem to hate beneficiaries. Is there hope that Covid will change that?

Covid has meant nearly 40,000 people have accessed the jobseeker benefit, nearly half of them for the first time. One million New Zealanders have been given…

‘We failed her’ - Young ACT vice president resigns after sexual harassment

The vice-president of Young ACT has resigned, saying she faced months of sexual harassment.

The retreat of NZ white nationalists

There is a new wave of white nationalism with a very different approach and culture. They present in the world as clean-cut men and women who…

I'm sad. And I'm mad.

My name is Maha Alabadrawi. I’m sad. And I’m mad. As a person of colour and an immigrant from a ‘Muslim country’, I know that simply living…