“Are we safer?”: Unpacking the March 15 recovery efforts, three years on

Re: looked at what has been done when it comes to the Royal Commission of Inquiry recommendations.

63% of NZers hold at least one antisemitic view, new study finds

Seventeen percent of people surveyed say they know ‘virtually nothing’ about the Holocaust.

After March 15, aroha was showered on Muslims. Was that short-lived?

Three years on, have our mindsets shifted when it comes to racism?

Opinion: NZ’s Māori and Pasifika hip hop community need to address anti-Blackness

To clarify, you do not own hip hop. It has never 'belonged' to you and it never will.

Māori given pills for chronic pain instead of proper health treatment, research shows

Māori are not getting the adequate healthcare they need for chronic pain.

How misusing ethnicity contributes to anti-Pacific racism and victim blaming

The biggest subcluster of the current Covid outbreak centres on a church in Māngere, Auckland.

Protection for minority groups and tougher penalties under proposed changes to hate speech laws

Proposals for hate speech laws will impose harsher penalties and more protection for minority groups

The Government will apologise for the Dawn Raids

The Government will formally apologise for targeted raids on the homes of Pacific families.

A moment when I was dehumanised as an Asian woman

At the Stop Asian Hate march in Tāmaki Makaurau, we spoke to some Asian women about moments when they felt dehumanised.

Portraits from the Stop Asian Hate march in Tāmaki Makaurau

Hundreds gathered at Aotea Square in Tāmaki Makaurau today for the Stop Asian Hate march. Tunes from the Nepal Festival - which fittingly shared Aotea Square…

Asian New Zealanders are grieving after the Atlanta shooting

This week, eight people were killed in a massage parlour shooting in Atlanta, Georgia. Six of them were Asian women. In the wake of a rise…

Grappling with my Chinese name

Auckland-based writer and actor Celine Dam has a complicated relationship with her Chinese name. At age 12, she gave herself the name Celine, so she could…

Māori-Asian solidarity in Aotearoa can be game-changing

When we talk about race relations in this country, how often do we consider the relations between Asian tauiwi and tangata whenua? It’s time for all…

Endless stories of racism in NZ schools

A question posed on Instagram has sparked a conversation about racism in NZ schools.

Racism and Islamophobia are a mental health issue

We’ve finally started to talk about mental health in New Zealand. But many discussions don’t include the experiences of people of colour. We need to talk…

Women of colour get candid about racism in NZ

“They could’ve stayed where they were feeling comfortable, but they decided to move to a whole new country just for their children.”

“And they never let us…

Black Lives Matter solidarity march: "It happens here in this country"

"It happens to me. That's why I'm here." With less than 24 hours notice, thousands of New Zealanders gathered to protest against racism and police violence…

New Zealanders tell us why they marched with the Black Lives Matter movement

On June 1, New Zealanders marched in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. Here's why.

New Zealand's Muslim community reacts to Christchurch terrorist's guilty plea

On the 26th March, the terrorist responsible for the Christchurch mosque attacks pled guilty to all charges. Muslim New Zealander of the year Asim Mukhtar talks…

Students tell us the most racist thing about New Zealand

Students at Victoria University talk about the insidious nature of racism in New Zealand, and how the classroom is the key place to produce change.

Why we love 'gross' Chinese food

When news broke that the coronavirus likely originated from a Wuhan wet market (a street market selling fresh produce), Chinese people were immediately demonised in the…

Talking about racism in the wake of coronavirus

Although there’s just been one confirmed case of coronavirus so far in New Zealand - a 60-year-old recently returned from Iran - that hasn’t stopped the…

Othering - Fairooz's story

'I integrated as perfectly as I could. I followed all of the rules & I still wasn't good enough.'

Fairooz is a Kiwi with an Egyptian…

Pyramid of White Supremacy

You may have seen this pyramid popping up on your social media in the past week. There are several different versions but they all point to…

The retreat of NZ white nationalists

There is a new wave of white nationalism with a very different approach and culture. They present in the world as clean-cut men and women who…

What can you do to help our Muslim community?

You may say nothing. Instead, you can listen.The targeted, terrorist attack on two Christchurch mosques on Friday afternoon brought Aotearoa to a standstill. PM Jacinda Ardern…

We reject Islamophobia. We stand together.

There was a clear message from the people today: remember the precious lives unjustly taken from us, and reject Islamophobia, reject violence.

Twenty-four hours after learning of…

Why do Kiwis hate on tourist drivers so much?

Kiwis cause most accidents on our roads but we're quick to blame them on tourists. Is this racism masked as 'concern'?

Makeup for all skin types?

Aoteoroa is proud of the multicultural make up of our country. So why is it so hard to find inclusive beauty products for all skin types…

Changing Chinese names for Kiwis

It's common for Chinese to change their name when living in New Zealand but should they have to?