Stop crushing your cans, you're sending them to landfill

It's time to squash our can-crushing habit.

Cook Islands travel bubble reopens

Vaccinated people can now travel between New Zealand and the Cook Islands.

100 years of New Zealand summer: In photos

To celebrate the arrival of summer after the weird year we’ve had, Re: has dug through library archives to find a collection of photographs that capture…

I can finally go home, Auckland borders lift after 120 days

It’s December 15, which means Auckland’s borders have officially reopened. 

Re: journalist Matiu Hamuera took their first drive home to Rotorua. They have not been home since…

Summer with Delta: How to stay safe

We asked an expert what to watch out for.

Iwi urging travellers to stay home this summer

We can travel this summer, but should we?

Covid update: 87 people in hospital; travel restrictions ease for vaccinated

International travel restrictions will ease in the New Year for fully vaccinated people.

With Delta spreading, should young people kiss their OE goodbye?

When you’re young there is often this perfect window for traveling overseas.

NZ plans to phase in open borders from 2022 after vaccine has been rolled out

Quarantine-free travel could be in New Zealand's future for returnees vaccinated against Covid-19

Trans-Tasman bubble suspended for 8 weeks

The trans-Tasman bubble just got suspended for another eight weeks.

Covid-19 Updates: June 2021

The latest on the Covid situation.

New Zealand is sending two satellites to Mars

New Zealand is going to Mars…

Covid is not even halfway don’t expect open borders soon

This week, we were given an update on how the pandemic is tracking in New Zealand.

The Cook Islands Travel bubble opens today

As miserable weather starts to settle in across the country, New Zealanders will be able to have the perfect island escape. 

New Zealanders can now officially travel…

Two-way Cook Islands travel bubble to open in two weeks

Travel to the Cook Islands is opening just in time for winter.

It’s official, we can now fly to Australia quarantine-free

The trans-Tasman bubble is officially open.

Today marks the first day New Zealanders and Australians can travel across the ditch quarantine-free. It is the first time New…

Quarantine-free travel with Australia to start in two weeks

On April 19, travellers from Australia will no longer need to quarantine.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced the two-way trans-Tasman bubble on Tuesday afternoon. 

Officially, it starts at…

NZ’s one-way travel bubble with the Cook Islands has opened, but we can’t go there quite yet

The Cook Islands have never had a single Covid case or death.

Seven travellers tell us what it’s like to be stranded in New Zealand

For some travellers, going home wasn't an option.

People in their 20s have Covid-19 the most, but it’s not because we’re irresponsible

Despite popular belief, experts say it isn’t because young people are rebelling against lockdown more than others. There’s actually a pretty simple explanation. 

Sophie’s phone lit up…

Two Kiwis tell us what it's like being stranded in Peru during a pandemic

Update: After a month-long wait, the New Zealanders stranded in Peru have finally made it home. A Government-chartered mercy flight from Lima touched down in Auckland early…

Stranded backpackers struggle to get home from New Zealand

After her fourth ticket back to the United Kingdom had been cancelled, Lara Suleyman from Kent made a plea on social media for the British government…

What it’s like to travel across the country hours before lockdown

Over the weekend Re: journalist Baz Macdonald needed to travel home to Invercargill for his grandma’s funeral. Back in the distant past of three days ago,…

We spoke to uni students scrambling to get home before lockdown

People are flooding to ferries and planes to get across the Cook Strait before lockdown. Students say tickets to the North Island sold out in minutes…

Should Kiwis feel guilty for wanting to fly?

Do you want to explore the world but worry what it will do to your carbon footprint? Same.

I recently booked flights to travel to South Korea…