I almost died on a walk! Here’s where I went wrong

Please, for the love of God, learn from my mistake.

Yes, volunteering overseas can do more harm than good: new research

“It was for the school's ego and our own egos more than anything.”

Australian tourists can visit NZ from April 13

From May, those from visa waiver countries and people with valid visitor visas can also come to NZ.

Cook Islands travel bubble reopens

Vaccinated people can now travel between New Zealand and the Cook Islands.

I can finally go home, Auckland borders lift after 120 days

It’s December 15, which means Auckland’s borders have officially reopened. 

Re: journalist Matiu Hamuera took their first drive home to Rotorua. They have not been home since…

With Delta spreading, should young people kiss their OE goodbye?

When you’re young there is often this perfect window for traveling overseas.

The Cook Islands Travel bubble opens today

As miserable weather starts to settle in across the country, New Zealanders will be able to have the perfect island escape. 

New Zealanders can now officially travel…

It’s official, we can now fly to Australia quarantine-free

The trans-Tasman bubble is officially open.

Today marks the first day New Zealanders and Australians can travel across the ditch quarantine-free. It is the first time New…

NZ’s one-way travel bubble with the Cook Islands has opened, but we can’t go there quite yet

The Cook Islands have never had a single Covid case or death.

Seven travellers tell us what it’s like to be stranded in New Zealand

For some travellers, going home wasn't an option.

Two Kiwis tell us what it's like being stranded in Peru during a pandemic

Update: After a month-long wait, the New Zealanders stranded in Peru have finally made it home. A Government-chartered mercy flight from Lima touched down in Auckland early…

The Solomon Islands skateboarding scene

Solomon Islands is a country made up of six main islands and over 900 smaller islands strung between Vanuatu and Papua New Guinea, with a population…

Take a spooky tour inside NZ's oldest prison

The oldest prison in New Zealand is now a haunted attraction. Having opened in 1862, the complex closed as a prison in 1993. But according to…

The Curse of Rarotonga's Sheraton Hotel

Rarotonga's Sheraton Hotel was 90% complete when it was abandoned in 1991. Today, the abandoned building remains there gathering weeds, at the centre of a saga…

The thriving African community living on the water

Ganvie is a village in West Africa that sits on stilts in the middle of a lake. Formed more than 300 years ago as a way…

Re:visit - UFOs over Kaikoura

Since 1978, strange lights and radar readings have been sighted over the Kaikoura coast by pilots, air traffic controllers and truckies alike. 40 years on, these…

Togo's Voodoo Market

In the West African country of Togo you'll find this traditional Voodoo market. Often represented as black magic or dark witchcraft, this market aims to educate…

New Zealand Defence Force in Antarctica

Meet the members of the New Zealand Defence Force trading in their khakis and sea legs for a stint on the icy continent.

Whether it's heating…

The many questions of the Waitangi Day Pub Crawl

Living on the other side of the world often results in glasses that are rose-tinted, and filled with more than a little rosé. Never is this…

The Dutch travellers embarking on an epic African adventure.

Ingrid and Branko may be retired, but they're as far away from matinee plays and afternoon biccies as you can get. They're taking their truck through…

Three brothers embark on the ultimate African roadtrip

It's just three kiwi brothers, the African desert, and a trusty Toyota Hilux. With wild creatures and spectacular sights, come with the boys as they chase…


Riding waves is cool, but how about surfing these sweet sand dunes? ?‍♀️??

Welcome to Teapot Land

Welcome to the not-so-faraway land of teapots...Graham from Owaka has turned his front lawn into a mecca for those that love a good brew ☕️?

A Kiwi guide to Shanghai Disneyland

Disneyland, the place where dreams come true, if your dreams entail theme park rides and animatronic pirates... Join Arahi as he takes us on a tour…

West Coast ghost towns

They were once booming with industry and gleaming with gold - now you'd be lucky to spy a soul in these creepy West Coast ghost towns.

Voyager - a love note in space

The mission was to photograph all of our solar system's planets, but there were a few more surprises for NASA's Voyager - including a 70s mix…

IntRe:pid - Park protectors

Tourism or trees? Budapest's City Park is guarded 24/7 by vigilantes determined to halt construction of 5 new museums which threaten the park's future ??

The Kiwi birders who got inside North Korea

Meet the New Zealand bird enthusiasts finding common ground with North Korea. Follow the team as they track the Kuaka bird all the way into one…

IntRe:pid - Moroccan Tree Goats

In Morocco, these goats go to great efforts for salad ???