Covid update: 222 new cases in the community, 1 death

Today's 222 cases is a record high. The person who died was in their 70s and in hospital.

Ngāti Toa iwi tells anti-vax protestors to stop using Ka Mate haka

The haka was composed by Ngāti Toa tupuna Te Rauparaha and is being used at anti-vax protests

Covid update: 175 new cases today, 93 people in hospital

Saturday 13 November, 1pm

Today there are 175 new cases. One of those is a new case in Taupō. Of the others, 159 are in Auckland, two…

  • 13 Nov 21

Five Aucklanders tell us about shopping IRL after 84 days in lockdown

Aucklanders returned to shops after 84 days of lockdown. Re: News went to check out the vibe.

All primary and high school students back to class in Auckland and Waikato from Nov 17

Years 9 and 10 can return full-time, and Years 1 to 8 will be part-time.

Covid update: 147 new cases today. A man with Covid has died at home in Auckland

The man was in his 60s and at his home in the suburb of Glen Eden.

A disinformation researcher on all the Nazi signs at the Wellington anti-vax protest

NZ has seen a sharp increase in Covid-19 disinformation related to far-right ideologies.

Covid update: 79% fully vaccinated and 125 new cases

There are 125 new community cases today. 117 in Auckland, 2 in Waikato and 6 in Northland.

Covid update: Auckland to move to Alert Level 3, step 2 Tuesday night

Shops open and outdoor gatherings increase to 25 people.

Covid update: 206 new cases, NZ's highest daily total

Saturday 6 November

Today there are 206 new Covid cases, our highest daily total ever and the first time new cases have hit the 200 mark.

Four of…

Covid update: A second person isolating at home with Covid has been found dead

The person was found by ambulance staff this morning in the Auckland suburb of Mt Eden.

Covid update: 139 new cases in the community

136 in Auckland, 2 in Waikato, 1 in Northland.

Covid update: 100 new cases. 76% of eligible people double vaxxed

Of today’s 100 new cases, 97 are in Auckland and 3 are in Waikato.

Covid update: Northland to move to alert level 3 at midnight

The announcement comes after new cases cropped up at the top of the region

Covid Update: Auckland and Waikato will move to step 2 of level 3

Auckland will move to step 2 of level 3, but one week later on Tuesday, November 9 at 11:59pm.

Covid update: 160 new community cases

Saturday October 30, 1pm

There are 160 new community cases of Covid-19 today. 151 are in Auckland, seven in Waikato, one in Northland, and one in Christchurch.


Covid update: 125 new cases, including 2 in Christchurch

There are 125 new community cases today.

Manifesting summer from South Auckland's front yards in lockdown: in photos

Photographer Geoffery Matautia aked his friends what they're most looking forward to in summer.

Covid update: 74 new cases today, 6 in Waikato, the rest in Auckland

There are 74 new cases in the current outbreak which brings the total to 2,832.

Covid-19 update: Vaccination required for hospitality and gym workers

87 percent of the eligible population has now received at least one vaccine dose.

Covid update: 109 new cases today

Today there are 109 new Covid cases in the community.

103 of today’s cases are in Auckland, two are in Northland and four are in Waikato (including…

Let’s talk about: Will vaccines have long term effects?

Let's look into whether vaccines will have long-term effects on us.

Brian Tamaki appears in court as supporters shout 'let him go'

Destiny Church leader Brian Tamaki has pleaded not guilty.

Covid update: 94 new cases today. 38 people in hospital

Of today's 94 new cases, 87 are in Auckland and 7 are in Waikato.

28-year-old arrested over Auckland's North Shore lockdown party

Police have charged a man over the Saturday night party which breached alert level 3 restrictions.

Covid update: 71 new cases today with infections across many parts of Auckland

Of today’s 71 cases, 32 still need to be linked to the outbreak.

Why the end of Sydney’s 107-day lockdown matters to Aotearoa

Sydney is navigating a world of vaccine passports that looks similar to our alert level 2.