Saturday 13 November, 1pm

Today there are 175 new cases. One of those is a new case in Taupō. Of the others, 159 are in Auckland, two are in Northland, eight are in Waikato, and there are five cases in Taranaki that were first announced by the Ministry of Health on Thursday night but are only being officially included in the count today.

There are 93 people in hospital, all in Auckland, with 9 of those in ICU or HDU.

Of the people currently in hospital with Covid-19:

- 59 percent are unvaccinated or not eligible

- 24 percent are partially vaccinated

- 11 percent are fully vaccinated

- And the vaccination status is unknown for the remaining 6 percent.

The average age of people currently in hospital is 51.

90 percent of eligible New Zealanders have had their first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, and 80 percent have had their second dose. 92 percent of eligible Aucklanders have now had their first dose of the vaccine, and 85 percent have had their second dose.

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