You can catch Covid-19 twice in one month: Reinfection explained

“As long as we have more than one variant circulating, there will be a risk of reinfection.”

Second Covid-19 booster shot available soon for most vulnerable

Final decisions on the eligible group will be made within the next two weeks.

Covid update May 24: 8435 cases, 15 deaths

There are 327 people in hospital - 10 of those people are in ICU or HDU.

Covid update May 20: 7,800 cases, 17 deaths

The seven-day rolling average of community case numbers is 8,032 – last Friday it was 7,548.

Covid update May 19: 9091 cases, 5 deaths

There are 411 people in hospital.

Covid Update May 16: 7,061 cases, 5 deaths

415 people are currently in hospital.

Covid update May 13: 7,441 cases, 29 deaths

About half of the actual number of Covid-19 cases are being reported.

Covid update May 12: 9,392 cases, 9 deaths

398 people are currently in hospital with the virus.

Covid update May 9: 6,407 new cases, 18 in ICU

Two more people are confirmed as having the BA.5 variant of Omicron.

Covid update May 8: 5,647 new cases, 3 deaths

A case of the BA.5 variant has been discovered at Aotearoa's border for the first time.

Covid May 6: 7,347 cases, 24 deaths

363 people are currently in hospital.

Covid update May 1: Omicron BA.4 variant detected in returnee

Two other sub-variants of Omicron have also been detected in 2 other returnees for the first time.

Covid Update April 22: 9390 cases, 13 deaths

A person with Covid-19, aged between 10 and 19, has died.

NZ to move to Orange traffic light setting tonight: Covid-19

New Zealand will be moving from Red to the Orange traffic light setting from 11.59pm tonight. 

Covid Update April 12: 11,063 cases, 16 deaths

Vaccinated Australians will be able to enter New Zealand from 11.59pm on April 12.

Covid-19 Update April 7: 11,634 cases, 13 deaths

From today, 16 and 17-year-olds are able to get a free booster dose.

Covid update April 6: 12,575 cases, 15 deaths

654 people are in hospital - 23 of those people are in ICU or HDU.

Covid update April 5: 14,120 cases, 23 deaths

692 people are in hospital - 30 of those people are in ICU or HDU.

Covid update April 2: 11,560 cases, 23 deaths

There are 678 people in hospital - 30 of those are in ICU or HDU.

Covid update April 1: 13,475 cases, 17 deaths

Of these deaths, 15 people with the virus have died in the past two days.

Covid update March 31: 15,250 cases, 22 deaths

There are 830 people in hospital, with 28 of those in ICU or HDU.

Covid update March 23: 20,087 cases, 11 deaths

There are 960 people in hospital with 31 of them in ICU or HDU.

Vaccine passes, scanning in and some mandates removed: Covid-19 changes

Vaccine mandates for education, police and defence workforces will be dropped from April 4.

Covid update March 18: 14,128 cases, five deaths

The total number of publicly reported Covid-related deaths to date is 156.

Covid update March 9: 22,545 new community cases, four deaths

There are currently 742 people with Covid-19 in hospital, 19 of them are in ICU or HDU.

Covid-19 isolation time shortened from 10 to seven days

The isolation length for Covid-19 cases and household contacts will soon decrease.

The day after: Parliament protest

Parliament grounds are closed but police say locals are free to move about nearby streets.

Fire on Parliament grounds, 60 arrested as Police remove protestors

Police have demolished tents and cleared the grounds.

New Zealand gets third Covid-19 vaccine

New Zealanders will soon be able to access a third Covid-19 vaccine, Novavax, this month.

Self-isolation rules for vaccinated travellers to end, border dates changed

From Wednesday evening, vaccinated travellers coming to NZ don't need to self-isolate.