I opened a new business during a pandemic | Side by Side

“My dream was to have this place full of people.”

I’m 27 and Covid-19 gave me a heart and lung condition: Living with Long Covid

“I have completely changed, I've become a shell of the person I was.”

The simple guide to dealing with online conspiracy

A step-by-step guide on what to do when you encounter a piece of unverified information online.

10 mental health tips for the return to lockdown

As mental health advocate Claudia Ibbotson states at the beginning of this video, existing in times of uncertainty is hard. During our second round of lockdown,…

Covid closed Ōtāhuhu's only art gallery, but there's a novel way to keep it going

Vunilagi Vou provided a dedicated space for contemporary Pacific art, and was the only art gallery in Ōtāhuhu. The financial pressures of Covid made maintaining this…

Meet the 25-year-old behind New Zealand's Covid fight

Tara Swadi is only 25 but she's the chief advisor for the Ministry of Health's Covid-19 response. The last two months have been... busy. She's looking…

The 'Bob Ross' of Māori carving has become an overnight streaming sensation

Twitch streamer Broxh loves his culture and his art form, and he wants to share it with the world. During lockdown, he started streaming his whakairo…

Sound Check: HIGH HØØPS on how NZ music can emerge stronger from Covid

The music industry is suffering, but it might emerge from this pandemic stronger than before.

Sound Check: Randa rejects the productivity myth

And they talk gender identity, and dealing with OCD before and during Covid.

Sound Check: Folk singer Holly Arrowsmith is rebuilding a housebus and her dreams

All of Holly's shows for the year are cancelled, so now she's turning an old bus into a house.

Live music's fight to survive Covid-19

It's estimated the NZ live music industry has lost $68 million due to Covid-19. Musicians, venue owners and all those who love music are rallying us…

Sound Check: Indie-pop duo Imugi 이무기

Yery and Carl tell us how they're looking after themselves as the music industry slows down.

Melodownz turned self-affirmations into a catchy hook

During a rough time in his life, Melodownz repeated positive affirmations to himself in the mirror. Then he realised the mantras made a pretty sweet hook.…

New Zealand lifts its lockdown after seven weeks

Here are some scenes about town as we emerge from our cocoons. We visit a cafe and hair salon to see how they're switching up how…

Beautiful post-lockdown reunions to make you cry

Take two minutes to soak up the love and joy in these level 2 reunion moments. Then give your loved ones some bone-crushing hugs!

Sound Check: Merk carries on

We check in with artists who were on the verge of breakthroughs - before a global pandemic happened.

How Zoë Bell got 37 of the world's most famous women to fight

You might've seen the BOSS BITCH FIGHT CHALLENGE on your social feeds. Zoë Bell tells us how she got a bunch of impressive stuntwomen and celebs…

Midwives say we're going to have a baby boom because of lockdown

Midwives predict we'll be looking at a baby boom around Christmas time. Looks like all that time holed up in our homes has been quite productive.


A recovered Covid-19 case has a message for people her age

23-year-old Jasmine's experience with Covid-19 was unlike anything she'd ever experienced before. She has now recovered and is out of the isolation tent in her family…

Behind the scenes as a small business opens up after lockdown

The folks at Electric Chicken show us what it's like to be a small business operator transitioning into a new, post-lockdown world.

Checking in on Te Kao’s Far North Covid Checkpoint

How this remote town in the far, far north is keeping their community safe from Covid.

Comedian James Roque teaches us his favourite Filipino eggplant recipe from lockdown

Comedian and writer James Roque shows us how to make a "very traditional/lazy Filipino meal" called tortang talong (eggplant omelette) paired with garlic fried rice. To…

Explainer: what's happening for homeless people after lockdown

During lockdown, the streets of Aotearoa have been nearly empty at night. That's partly due to the fact that the government has made 1600 motel units…

Queuing up for Maccas at alert level 3

It's been a long 4-5 weeks without our takeaways fix. Baz Macdonald braves the lines at a McDonalds drive thru on the first day of alert…

Small businesses tell us how we can support them during the pandemic

How they are adapting during lockdown and what we can do to support them.

Comedian Johanna Cosgrove teaches us her favourite 2-ingredient recipe from lockdown

For some reason, staying confined to our homes has rendered us all bread makers and comedian Johanna Cosgrove is no exception. She shows us how to…

Lockdown games to play on your phone, even if you're not a gamer

The World Health Organisation has launched a campaign to encourage us to stay home and play video games with each other to socialise. Gamers already know…

In lockdown in Tonga, one of the last countries in the world without Covid-19

Tonga is one of the last countries in the world without Covid-19. As a small island nation, Tonga doesn't have the resources that larger countries have,…

How an aspiring Olympian is handling lockdown

Tasmyn Benny was preparing for the Tokyo Olympics before the Covid-19 pandemic forced it to be postponed til 2021. We visit Tasmyn in Turua to see…

Here's what you need to know about washing groceries

Many of us will have wondered what to do with our groceries when we get home from the supermarket. Do we need to wipe down our…