Why our summer Covid numbers are so low

Despite lockdown lifting and New Zealanders travelling across the country over Christmas and New Year’s Day, our Covid community cases have been surprisingly low. 

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Covid update: 1 death; Booster rollout beginning; 82 in hospital

From tomorrow, anyone eligible for a booster shot can get one. An elderly person has also died.

Covid update: 83 in hospital; 12 DHBs reach 90% first dose vaccination milestone

Of those in hospital, 5 are in ICU. There are also 149 new cases today.

Covid update: 2 deaths; 167 new community cases

Two elderly people have died with Covid in hospital. There are also 167 new cases.

Covid update: Auckland border opening up December 15; 194 cases and 1 death

Auckland's border set top open. Proof of vaccination, or a negative test within 72 hours required.

Covid update: 222 new cases in the community, 1 death

Today's 222 cases is a record high. The person who died was in their 70s and in hospital.

Covid update: 201 new community cases. Covid in Taranaki

6 cases were confirmed in Taranaki yesterday. Other cases in Auckland, Northland and Waikato.

Covid update: 185 new cases. First vax doses at 90% nationally

A death in Auckland has also been added to the national Covid-19 data today.

Covid update: 113 new community cases, most in Auckland

Of today's cases, 109 are in Auckland, 3 are in Waikato and 1 is in Northland.

Covid update: 80 new cases. All in the North Island

77 of the cases are in Auckland, 2 are in Waikato and 1 is in Northland. 

Cases are high and school is back: We asked seniors how they are feeling

We talk to senior students going back to school despite record-high daily case numbers.

Covid update: 129 new cases. New traffic light system announced

Auckland's restrictions will ease when vaccination rate reaches 90%.

Covid update: 102 new cases. 46 in hospital

Today's number of hospitalisations is the highest yet in the outbreak. 

Senior high school students in level 3 back at school next week. Exams to go ahead

Years 11, 12 and 13 will be back at school in Waikato, Auckland and Northland after the weekend.

Covid update: 51 new cases. 65% of eligible people vaccinated

Of today's new cases, 4 are in Waikato and the rest are in Auckland.

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Covid update: 65  new community cases. 31 yet to be linked

All of today's 65 cases are in Auckland. 

Covid update: 55 new cases in the community, 53 in Auckland, 2 in Waikato

Today’s 55 cases bring the total number of cases in the current outbreak to 1719.

Covid update: 60 new cases. Most in Auckland.

1 of the cases is from the Bay of Plenty, as reported yesterday.

Covid Update: 44 new cases in the community, 3 in Waikato, 41 in Auckland

Of today's new cases, 12 are yet to be linked to the outbreak.

Covid update: 2 cases identified outside of Auckland in Waikato

The cases are linked to each other, but not yet to be linked to the Auckland outbreak.

Covid update: 19 new cases. All in Auckland.

All but one of today's new cases has been linked to the community outbreak.

Why Dr Bloomfield is warning us about Long Covid

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Covid update: 45 new cases. 12 unlinked.

All today's cases are in Auckland.

Covid update: 18 new cases in the community, all in Auckland

Of today's new cases, 2 are yet to be linked to existing ones.

Covid Update: 20 new cases, 500,000 Pfizer doses arriving from Denmark

“There is a vaccine there for everyone who wants one and it’s available now," said Jacinda Ardern

Covid update: 23 new cases. All in Auckland.

There's been a slight increase in new cases today. Outbreak total is now at 902.

Covid update: 20 new cases. 38 in hospital.

20 new cases today, bringing the total number associated with the current community cluster to 801.

Covid update: 83 new community cases

Sunday 29 August, 1pm

Today there are 83 new community cases. Our total number of cases is 511. 

82 of the new cases are in Auckland and one…