How I learnt to wear traditional cultural clothing in a gender-affirming way

"I don’t see why the two have to be separate."

What to tell the dudebros who say there’s no gender pay gap

If you’re a woman then from today, you are effectively working for free for the rest of the year.

Nine people tell us about the first time they felt like a man

Looking back I feel like that was a defining moment of me thinking, ”Oh, I am a man now.”

I’m a stay-at-home dad. It doesn’t affect my masculinity

"My gender didn’t suddenly retreat to some masculine polarity the moment I met my daughter."

New law makes it easier for gender diverse people to update the sex on their birth certificate

Previously people needed to prove to the Family Court they had irreversible medical treatment.

  • 09 Dec 21

For the rest of the year Pasifika women work for free because of the pay gap

For every $1 an hour a Pākehā man makes, a Pasifika woman will earn 72 cents.

We asked 8 rangatahi about gender in te ao Māori

“A person is a person no matter their ‘title’. You’re still just a person.”

Women are paid $60,000 less than men working as chartered accountants, a new survey finds

The survey of more than 4500 chartered accountants in New Zealand and Australia shows women are paid up to 40 to 50 percent less than their…

Our One for the Boys series is here. Check out the release party.

Re: celebrated the launch of our new masculinity series One for the Boys at the Grey Lynn Bowling Club in Auckland last night. 

There was pizza, laughs…

We celebrate wāhine who choose to challenge the status quo

It’s International Women’s Day so Re: has rounded up our best stories of women kicking ass.

Miss Arielle: New Zealand’s first trans beauty queen

Meet Miss Arielle Keil, New Zealand’s first transgender beauty pageant queen.

A gender-neutral option has finally been added to NZ voting papers

The gender-neutral title Mx. is an option on the electoral roll for the first time. Kiwis tell us what this means for them.

You can enrol to…

NZ music festivals have no excuse for lack of gender diversity

The usual defences of lack of supply or lack of demand for non-male acts don't cut it anymore.

Casting trans actors to play trans characters can change lives

We talk to the cast and crew of Rūrangi about how positive trans representation can save lives.

Abuse is an everyday reality for female gamers

It’s 8.05pm in Wellington and Ayla Holland is about to jump online to play Overwatch. Tonight she’ll be flying through the air shooting at her friends…

This group is helping men heal their own violence

New Zealand Police investigate a domestic violence case every four minutes. The members of Tauawhi Men's Centre in Gisborne are working to overcome this problem…

How burlesque helps break down the rules of gender

"Wearing heels makes my legs bulge and my muscles ripple in ways that they don't in flat shoes. I feel more masculine." We visit burlesque dancer…

A poet, a rapper and a house mother talk gender diversity

A poet (essa may ranapiri), a rapper (Randa) and a house mother (Moe Laga) sit down together for a picnic. They talk gender diversity and the…

Fighting the catch-22 facing female tech workers

"When you don't see people that you recognise as something connected to your own reality, it's hard to dream about it," says Gabriela Agustini, a Red…

Being a brown family entering white spaces

The Solomons were a brown family on a predominantly white street in Auckland’s North Shore - “the best street in Birkdale”. There, they experienced the kind…

Girl Skate Club

You might know the experience of being in a male-dominated space, and feeling like you don't belong. Growing up, Amber Clyde loved to skate, but skateparks…

‘What we are is enough’: the fight to ban conversion therapy in NZ

Sexual diversity and gender fluidity are nothing new in Aotearoa, they’ve always been around.
New Zealand is currently debating whether or not gay conversion therapy should be…

Rediscovering Aotearoa: Podcast - Takatāpui | LGBTQIA+

Gender fluidity and sexual diversity was an accepted part of Māori and Pacific societies before colonisation.

This episode is about Takatāpui | LGBTQIA+, and how pre-colonial understanding…

Ray Shipley talks gender

What even is gender? Ray is here to explain that those who identify as non-binary aren't trying to take anything away from those who love and…

Intersectional Feminism

Discrimination happens almost everywhere, even within already-marginalised groups. In this video, Saraid talks to us about intersectional feminism - a feminism for everyone.

Women and men in top jobs - how is it different?

Is work-life different for men and women in top jobs?

Transgender: did you know?

Here are something things to know about trans history and the every-strengthening community.

Sarita Das: Pronouns

Meet Sarita, your queer, non-binary, polyamorous, multiracial, intersectional, sex coach. Today Sarita will talk about gender-specific and gender-neutral pronouns.

Sarita Das: Being Non Binary

What does it mean to be non-binary? Sarita is here to explain!