The survey of more than 4500 chartered accountants in New Zealand and Australia shows women are paid up to 40 to 50 percent less than their male counterparts.

That equates to about $60,000 in New Zealand and $50,000 in Australia. 

To make it worse, most men in the industry also don’t believe a pay gap exists, the survey says. 

“This survey has revealed some uncomfortable truths," Chartered Accountants Australia New Zealand chief executive Ainslie van Onselen says.

Unfortunately, things get more dire as you get older, with pay inequality increasing significantly with age. 

Those who have worked four years or less are paid equally, according to the survey. While men who have worked more than 21 years are paid over 60 percent more than their female counterparts. 

Perception of the pay gap also differs between genders. Seven out of ten women believe the pay gap exists, while seven out of ten men believe it doesn't. 

"This disconnect suggests more work needs to be done to change the perception of pay discrepancies in the industry, as almost 70 per cent of male respondents don't think this issue exists," Van Onselen says.

95 percent of those surveyed also believe it is important for Chartered Accountants Australia New Zealand to address this issue.

The survey was released yesterday. 


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