Restaurants stop service in protest of ongoing staff problems

About 2000 restaurants are switching the lights off and suspending service for two minutes today.

Women are paid $60,000 less than men working as chartered accountants, a new survey finds

The survey of more than 4500 chartered accountants in New Zealand and Australia shows women are paid up to 40 to 50 percent less than their…

New Zealanders are working longer without a lot to show for it

We work real hard and it doesn’t really pay off, according to the New Zealand Productivity Commission’s report released today.

The report reveals that we work longer…

‘We failed her’ - Young ACT vice president resigns after sexual harassment

The vice-president of Young ACT has resigned, saying she faced months of sexual harassment.

Work From Home Bingo

Lots of us are working from home now, which means... video conferencing!

Those who've dipped their toes into video conferencing before our present WFH times will know…

What I know about the business of stripping

Top earners in the world of stripping know the art of the hustle. They understand that for men to feel comfortable spending money on them, they…

Women and men in top jobs - how is it different?

Is work-life different for men and women in top jobs?