Police issue MDMA warning after 20-year-old dies in Christchurch

Urgent call for people to test their drugs after serious incidents

Nelson man arrested after editing teens’ pics, posting to adult sites

The man will appear in the Nelson District Court next Monday.

Police help woman ‘held hostage’ by possum

The woman called Dunedin police late Sunday night when the possum kept charging at her

Police ask Protect Pūtiki protesters to leave their bubble

Protectors at Pūtiki Bay on Waiheke Island say police action to evict them is unlawful and unfair

People with disabilities experience significantly higher rates of violence, research shows

40 percent of women with disabilities report physical violence from an intimate partner.

Māori, disabled and sexually diverse people more likely to be victims of crime

The third annual New Zealand Crime and Victims Survey was released today. Here's what it said.

Talking to a dark web drug dealer who got caught

A drug dealer shares the story of why he started importing and how he got busted.

People working in the public sector won’t get a pay rise for the next three years

If you’re a teacher, nurse or police officer earning more than $60,000, don’t expect a pay rise in the next three years. 

Finance Minister Grant Robertson announced…

Why the US Drug Enforcement agency is coming to Aotearoa

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) are setting up shop in New Zealand. With the continual growing popularity of Class A drugs like methamphetamine amongst Kiwis, combined…

NZ Police are more likely to kill mentally ill people in armed events

New research finds a link between police shootings and mental health related events

A Pacific community advocate and Islam convert on the role of police in our neighbourhoods | The…

Growing up, Melissa Lama was taught by her mum to not make eye contact with the police. Now a Pacific community advocate and Islam convert with…

For six months, cops in NZ had guns - campaigners say it can't continue

For six months, cops in New Zealand had guns. Campaigners say we can’t allow it to continue.

Black Lives Matter solidarity march: "It happens here in this country"

"It happens to me. That's why I'm here." With less than 24 hours notice, thousands of New Zealanders gathered to protest against racism and police violence…

New Zealanders tell us why they marched with the Black Lives Matter movement

On June 1, New Zealanders marched in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. Here's why.

Homeless at lockdown

The key message being enforced nationwide is that we need to stay home. So what do you do if you don't have a house to call…

New Zealand police show us their tattoos

We get tattoos for all sorts of reasons - to carry our loved ones with us, to symbolise our heritage and to express who we are.…

'I was surveilled'

The government has been monitoring non-violent activists for years.

But the man accused of the Christchurch terrorist attack was not on any watchlist.


The biggest investigation in NZ history

The biggest investigation in New Zealand history is underway to dissect the Christchurch terror attacks: How did our spy agencies miss this?

Charmaine Smith - Full time cop and rugby player.

Charmaine Smith keeps our streets safe as a full-time cop AND represents Aotearoa in the Black Ferns. We struggle to get out of bed on a…

Is our justice system racist?

Is unconscious bias just another way to say racism? The justice system is here to protect Kiwis, but is it really all that just? We dig…

On set with the NZ Police

Have you ever wanted to talk to the police without having to call 111? Now's your chance.

If you'd like to have a kōrero with the cops,…