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Tomato prices increase 99%: Families struggling to buy healthy food

Food experts are concerned about wider impacts.

Covid update 9 Dec: 103 new cases

Rapid antigen testing will be available for free from pharmacies across New Zealand

  • 09 Dec 21

Covid update: 86% of eligible population vaccinated; 89 people in hospital

Tuesday 30 November

86 percent of those eligible for the vaccine have now had both doses. There are also 134 new cases today.

Of the new cases, 1…

Covid update: 1 death; 77 people in hospital; 178 new cases

Another person with Covid has died. Today’s new community cases are in Northland, Auckland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Lakes and MidCentral. 

The Ministry of Health said the…

Covid update: 205 new cases, one new death

Today there are 205 new cases of Covid-19 to report.

Covid update: A second person isolating at home with Covid has been found dead

The person was found by ambulance staff this morning in the Auckland suburb of Mt Eden.

Traditional Sāmoan medicinal plant found to be as effective as ibuprofen

New research shows the matalafi plant works in a similar way to ibuprofen.

Covid update: Northland to move to alert level 3 at midnight

The announcement comes after new cases cropped up at the top of the region

Covid Update: Auckland and Waikato will move to step 2 of level 3

Auckland will move to step 2 of level 3, but one week later on Tuesday, November 9 at 11:59pm.

I’m 27 and Covid-19 gave me a heart and lung condition: Living with Long Covid

“I have completely changed, I've become a shell of the person I was.”

Covid update: 125 new cases, including 2 in Christchurch

There are 125 new community cases today.

Covid update: 74 new cases today, 6 in Waikato, the rest in Auckland

There are 74 new cases in the current outbreak which brings the total to 2,832.

Covid update: 43 new cases. 19 unlinked to outbreak

Of today’s 43 new cases, 40 are in Auckland and 3 are in Waikato.

Māori given pills for chronic pain instead of proper health treatment, research shows

Māori are not getting the adequate healthcare they need for chronic pain.

Covid Update: 39 new cases and 1 death

A person with Covid 19 has died at Middlemore Hospital. There are also 39 new cases.

Covid-19 Update: Vaccine certificates announced for the lead-up to summer

Jacinda Ardern has announced the introduction of vaccine cards, likely to be implemented in November

Observations of a rural nurse

Photographer Sara McIntyre has lived in the tiny town of Kākahi for the last ten years. She’s spent most of that time working as a district…

Recognising Matariki as a public holiday enables society to thrive

In February 2021 the government announced Matariki would be made a public holiday. 

In this essay from 2020, Qiane Matata-Sipu writes about her hope that decision-makers would prioritise wellness,…

A handy journal to help keep track of your movements during Covid-19

When we move out of lockdown, we’re going to visit a lot more places and bump into a lot more people. We’ve designed a handy journal…

Discipline: Deach moves from the stage to the gym

You might recognise Deach from NZ band Smashproof, but now he's smashing into the Auckland fitness scene, proving that anybody can be fit and healthy -…

We need to keep talking about mental health

Talking about mental health is definitely not as taboo as it once was, but it seems we've still got a long way to go.

Not a Blanket Approach: Hamish's Story

After reaching his limits with depression, Hamish learnt it's okay to ask for help. Now he's advocating for rural communities to open up, and get rid…

Not a Blanket Approach: Norma's Story

When Norma lost her husband, she felt she lost half of herself. As loneliness threatened to creep in, it was her beautiful beach community that helped…

PrEP - the revolutionary drug for people at-risk HIV

As of March 1, Aotearoa becomes one of the first countries to publicly fund PrEP - an HIV prevention drug that greatly reduces the risk of…

Fatima's story - growing up with HIV

Fatima bravely shares her story about growing up with HIV in Aotearoa.

The genetically engineered food we eat everyday

Before coming in all shapes and sizes, watermelons were teeny tiny! Welcome to the world of genetic engineering in food - some of the most common,…

Is sparkling water ruining your appetite?

Sparkling water is trendy AF but what is it doing to us? Probably nothing, but still.