Tuesday 12 October, 1pm

Of today’s 43 new cases, 40 are in Auckland and 3 are in Waikato. 

19 have yet to be linked to the existing outbreak. 

All 3 waikato cases are household contacts who were already in isolation.

Of yesterday’s 35 cases, 14 remain unlinked.

There are also 3 cases of Covid among recent returnees in MIQ today.

Northland update

The travelling companion of the Northland case, reported last week, was identified and speaking with authorities this morning. They have also tested positive for Covid-19. 

Both cases are now in a quarantine facility in Auckland. 

There have been 18 close contacts associated with the original Northland case, of which 17 have been contacted. They are all in isolation. Work to locate the remaining person is underway. 


34 people are in hospital, with 5 in ICU or in the high dependency unit. 1 requires a ventilator. 

Health Director General Dr Ashley Bloomfield also outlined another statistic related to the outbreak and vaccinations. 

So far, of the 158 people hospitalised since the start of the outbreak, only 3 were fully vaccinated with “sufficient time - that is 14 days - to have passed for them to have developed full immunity”, he said. 

“It reinforces the huge protection that vaccination offers.”

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