Covid update May 8: 5,647 new cases, 3 deaths

A case of the BA.5 variant has been discovered at Aotearoa's border for the first time.

Covid update May 7: 6,745 new cases, 15 in ICU.

There are 339 people in hospital, and 12 deaths being reported.

Covid update April 30: 7,043 new cases, 7 deaths

There are 15 people in ICU.

Covid update April 25: 5,690 new cases, 10 deaths

There are 514 people in hospital with 18 of those in ICU.

Covid update April 24: 5662 new cases, 9 deaths

There are 490 people currently in hospital, with 20 of those in ICU.

Covid update April 23: 7,930 cases, 19 deaths

Of the 494 people in hospital, 15 are in ICU.

Covid Update April 22: 9390 cases, 13 deaths

A person with Covid-19, aged between 10 and 19, has died.

How microdosing mushrooms can help mental health

More research shows the active ingredient in shrooms can help with the effects of trauma.

Covid update April 10: 6,718 new cases, 604 in hospital

Of the hospitalisations, 22 are in ICU. There are 12 deaths reported today.

Covid update April 9: 8,531 new cases, 11 deaths

There are 635 people in hospital, with 18 in ICU.

Covid update April 2: 11,560 cases, 23 deaths

There are 678 people in hospital - 30 of those are in ICU or HDU.

Unpacking SPF, broad-spectrum and reef safety: Here’s the Re: guide to sunscreen

Re: has put together a checklist of things to look out for when you fork out for your next bottle.

NZ had the highest melanoma death rate in the world in 2020

Alongside Australia, New Zealand also has the highest number of cases of melanoma in 2020. 

Why new Covid-19 antiviral drugs are not a replacement for the vaccine

From next week, 60,000 doses of Covid-19 antiviral medication will be available.

Covid update March 30: 15,918 cases, 14 deaths

817 people are in hospital - of those people, 24 are in ICU or HDU.

Covid update March 29: 17,148 new cases, 842 hospitalisations

There are 26 people in ICU. 34 people with the virus have died in the past 10 days.

'They're everywhere': Microplastics found in human blood

A recent study by scientists has shown microplastics in human blood.

Covid update March 28: 12,882 community cases, 861 hospitalisations

There are 11 Covid deaths today. They are in Auckland, Waikato, MidCentral and Nelson Marlborough.

Covid update March 27: 10,239 cases, 4 deaths

There are 848 people in hospital, with 28 of those people in ICU.

Covid update March 26: 14,175 cases, 20 deaths

There are 841 people in hospital, with 27 of those in ICU.

Covid update March 20: 12,020 community cases

There are updates on testing requirements for some flights coming in from Samoa.

Covid update March 19: 18,514 new cases

There are 939 people in hospital, with 24 in ICU. Ten people have unfortunately died.

Covid update March 18: 14,128 cases, five deaths

The total number of publicly reported Covid-related deaths to date is 156.

Covid-19 isolation time shortened from 10 to seven days

The isolation length for Covid-19 cases and household contacts will soon decrease.

Covid update March 6: 15,161 cases

618 people are in hospital. There has been one death reported today.

Covid update March 5: 18,833 new community cases, 10 in ICU

There are 597 in hospital, and five new deaths to report today.

Covid update Feb 26: 13,606 new cases, 263 people in hospital

The protest at Parliament is a 'potential super spreader event'.

Covid update Feb 25: over 12,000 new cases today

There are 12,011 new community cases of Covid-19 today.

Covid update Feb 24: 6137 new community cases

There are 205 people in hospital, and one person has died.