Health And Wellness

I’m 27 and Covid-19 gave me a heart and lung condition: Living with Long Covid

“I have completely changed, I've become a shell of the person I was.”

Discipline: Deach moves from the stage to the gym

You might recognise Deach from NZ band Smashproof, but now he's smashing into the Auckland fitness scene, proving that anybody can be fit and healthy -…

We need to keep talking about mental health

Talking about mental health is definitely not as taboo as it once was, but it seems we've still got a long way to go.

Not a Blanket Approach: Hamish's Story

After reaching his limits with depression, Hamish learnt it's okay to ask for help. Now he's advocating for rural communities to open up, and get rid…

Not a Blanket Approach: Norma's Story

When Norma lost her husband, she felt she lost half of herself. As loneliness threatened to creep in, it was her beautiful beach community that helped…

PrEP - the revolutionary drug for people at-risk HIV

As of March 1, Aotearoa becomes one of the first countries to publicly fund PrEP - an HIV prevention drug that greatly reduces the risk of…

Fatima's story - growing up with HIV

Fatima bravely shares her story about growing up with HIV in Aotearoa.

The genetically engineered food we eat everyday

Before coming in all shapes and sizes, watermelons were teeny tiny! Welcome to the world of genetic engineering in food - some of the most common,…

Is sparkling water ruining your appetite?

Sparkling water is trendy AF but what is it doing to us? Probably nothing, but still.

What's the deal with fluoride in New Zealand

Toothpastes brag about it, it's tricky to spell, and some people aren't happy about it being added to water supplies. Fluoride...who gets to decide?

Brekfist: Food

An abundance of delicious left-overs isn't usually hard to find on Boxing Day. Saraid and Johanna are talking butter chicken, Olivani, and a good bit of…

Should we remove GST from veges?

It can be hard to eat healthier when you're on a budget. Most other countries have done it, so will Aotearoa removing the GST off our…

The poverty impact on mental health

'Just scraping by isn't really living'. We take a look at the vicious cycle of poverty and its impact on our hauora hinengaro (mental health).

How the Māramataka was replaced

The Māori lunar calendar, Māramataka, is having a resurgence in Aotearoa. But why was it set aside in the first place?

Trying out different ways of finding peace

Finding peace has become less 'new age hippy' and more a part of everyday life, or so Instagram has us believe. We decided to test out…

The art of meditation

Meditation has been practised for millenia. It is used by doctors to treat depression, and even taught in prisons to promote wellbeing and mindfulness. So what's…

Talking about dying with someone who's dying

Dave has cancer, but he's not letting that get in the way of his life. After all, dying is just another part of living right?

Brekfist: Death ft. Saraid's mum

Sit down for Brekfist as Saraid and Johanna chat about death, but it's not all doom and gloom! We also meet Saraid's mum, who tells us…

Endometriosis - how we're failing women by not caring about their pain

Despite being as common as diabetes and asthma, endometriosis gets no government funding. How can we be ignoring something that affects so many Kiwis?

Are you googling yourself sick?

How many times have you Googled your symptoms and ended up in full panic mode because the internet has diagnosed you with something rare and incurable?…

Can the internet be a therapist?

The internet can be a nasty place, playing a part in many mental health issues but can it also help to heal us? We take a…

Sharing stories about mental health

Liv Young started MENTAL - a mental health publication as a safe online space where people can share their stories and experiences with mental health.

This teenager is petitioning to save her town’s youth mental health helpline

Zoe is one of many teens from the Nelson/Marlborough region who has benefitted from the CAHMS crisis phoneline. With the DHB looking to make changes to…

SAD - Seasonal Affective Disorder

Does winter make you feel a little... sad? The winter blues are a real thing; it's called Seasonal Affective Disorder, and it can hit hard.

Buying a Pak'n Save for the people

PAK'nSAVE is great for a bargain, but Kaitaia's community really struck gold when they bought the abandoned supermarket for just $2! So, what are they going…

Why are so many young people so anxious?

'It's an overwhelming wave, kind of like you're just dumped into a pool...'. Anxiety in young Kiwis is on the rise, but why? Is toxic social…

Bedtime stories from the inside

Arohata Women's Prison lets these prisoners record bedtime stories to their loved ones - whether it's to their kids, uncles or even their pets! ??

What to do about our rape culture?

15% of New Zealanders think that if you're raped while drunk, you're partly responsible. To learn more about rape culture in Aotearoa, we spoke to Greta…

Hair loss in men

Toupé or not toupé? Losing your hair can be a real spot of bother for some guys, so we chatted to Hamish and Eli to see…