How to make fry bread on a budget

Life is getting so expensive these days, and everyday costs are creeping up - whether it’s bills, gas or kai - it ain’t easy out here. 

Food price inflation in New Zealand accelerated to 7.4% year-on-year in July and it’s getting harder and harder for people to stock their cupboards. 

We can’t go out every night to our favourite food spots but we can make amazing kai at home.  

Here’s a cheap recipe from Aunty Trish to help feed your flat or whānau. 

Fry bread isn’t very traditional but it is definitely a well known Māori kai. 

There are many different ways to eat this fluffy, crispy, pillowy goodness. 

Smother it with some butter and drizzle with golden syrup for a sweet treat, fill it with some creamed Pāua for a pocket of deliciousness or have it as a side dish with your Oven Hāngī. Get creative with it.

We looked for the cheapest ingredients we could find and all together the cost for making Fry Bread came to a whopping $8.37 - with all these ingredients you can make a few batches. 

Most of the ingredients are household staples too so it could even be a lot cheaper if you already have the ingredients.


2 cups Plain Flour

2 tablespoons Dry Active Yeast

2 tablespoons Sugar

1 cup of lukewarm water

250ml cooking oil

This is part of our reo Māori series, Ohinga, created by Mahi Tahi Media, with funding from Te Māngai Pāho and the NZ on Air Public Interest Journalism Fund.

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