Planning a terror attack will become a criminal offence after counter-terrorism bill passes final…

The Counter-Terrorism legislation bill has passed its final reading today.

When do we call an attacker a terrorist? We asked three experts

After the Lynn mall terror attack, some Kiwis are confused about language used by media & politician

Family of terrorist attacker condemn what happened and offer support to victims

The statement was made after Ahamed Aathil Mohamed Samsudeen was publicly identified.

Total of 7 people injured in terrorist attack. 3 in critical condition.

The attack happened at a West Auckland shopping mall yesterday afternoon.

Six people in hospital, attacker shot dead by Police, after terrorist attack in West Auckland…

The Prime Minister says a terrorist was responsible for the attack on multiple people.

The NZ government will repatriate a woman allegedly linked with ISIS

Jacinda Ardern says the decision was “not taken lightly".

New anti-terrorism laws proposed in wake of March 15

The Government has taken the first step towards changing New Zealand’s anti-terrorism laws.

Human Rights Commission raises concerns about govt’s response to mosque attacks

Two years on from the terrorist attacks on two Christchurch mosques, the Human Rights Commission has released a report raising concerns about human rights breaches in…

Simran Kaur on being a Sikh in New Zealand | The Outliers

“You don’t belong here. This is not your country. You are a terrorist.” Growing up Simran Kaur, a first generation Sikh New Zealander, watched her family…

Mosque attack Inquiry triggers law changes and apology from government

The Royal Commission of Inquiry into the mosque attacks, released today, found particular government agencies failed to protect Muslim communities, as well as failures in firearms…

Christchurch mosque attack terrorist sentenced to life in prison without parole

Words from some of the 93 people who gave victim impact statements directly to the terrorist's face.

We asked a legal expert what sentence the Christchurch terrorist might receive

The ultimate penalty in New Zealand is a life sentence without parole - a sentence no one in this country has received so far. Re: journalist…

New Zealand's Muslim community reacts to Christchurch terrorist's guilty plea

On the 26th March, the terrorist responsible for the Christchurch mosque attacks pled guilty to all charges. Muslim New Zealander of the year Asim Mukhtar talks…

Relief in NZ’s Muslim Community After Christchurch Terrorist's Guilty Plea

The man due to go on trial for the Christchurch mosque attacks has pled guilty to all charges. He is now New Zealand’s first convicted terrorist.…

NZ's history of terrorism

We revisit three terrorist attacks that have occurred in New Zealand before the Christchurch mosque attacks, as well as the government's attempts to control terrorism -…

'I was surveilled'

The government has been monitoring non-violent activists for years.

But the man accused of the Christchurch terrorist attack was not on any watchlist.


Explaining NZ's gun laws

The terrorist attack in Christchurch left many wondering how this could have been allowed to happen in New Zealand. It seems some of the blame lay…

The biggest investigation in NZ history

The biggest investigation in New Zealand history is underway to dissect the Christchurch terror attacks: How did our spy agencies miss this?

I'm sad. And I'm mad.

My name is Maha Alabadrawi. I’m sad. And I’m mad. As a person of colour and an immigrant from a ‘Muslim country’, I know that simply living…