How the Polynesian Panthers’ legacy is alive today

Nearly 50 years since the Polynesian Panthers formed, their legacy lives on through young activists.

Talanoa with Pacific MPs from the left and the right

National Party candidate Agnes Loheni and Labour Party candidate Hon Aupito William Sio join Torisse Laulu for a conversation ahead of the 2020 Election.

Pasifika teens sacrificing education for survival is not new

Choosing between school and work to support your family is common for Pasifika children.

South Auckland is sick of being singled out

Many Pasifika feel they’re being cast in a negative light, once again.

Endless stories of racism in NZ schools

A question posed on Instagram has sparked a conversation about racism in NZ schools.

Covid closed Ōtāhuhu's only art gallery, but there's a novel way to keep it going

Vunilagi Vou provided a dedicated space for contemporary Pacific art, and was the only art gallery in Ōtāhuhu. The financial pressures of Covid made maintaining this…

Women of colour get candid about racism in NZ

“They could’ve stayed where they were feeling comfortable, but they decided to move to a whole new country just for their children.”

“And they never let us…

Kava groups are continuing online during lockdown

Kava groups have long depended on face-to-face connection. Now they're uncovering new possibilities.

Release of the Week: Diggy Dupé turns a Niuean war chant into an exhilarating hip hop track

Since we’ve just entered a nationwide, 4-week long lockdown, Diggy Dupé briefly considered pushing his music video release for ‘Keke Boy’ a week later... but then…

Michel Mulipola is the 'Bloody Samoan' comic book artist

Michel Mulipola is the 'Bloody Samoan'. It's a derogatory term he heard a lot growing up, but he's now reappropriated it as a moniker in his…

Reclamation: being brown, femme and proud

'Reclamation' is about unapologetically taking up space - physically, ideologically, spiritually. We went backstage at the show by FAF SWAG to talk to performers and crew…

Pasifika voices at the climate strike

In 2012, Tokelau became the first country in the world to switch to 100% renewable energy.
Meanwhile, in New Zealand, we’re extending the lives of our coal…

Tuvalu as Tuvaluans want you to see it

From above, Fongafale—Tuvalu’s largest island—snakes across the Pacific, a surprise sight in a great expanse of blue. It measures 12km long and at its narrowest point…

The Book Dedicated to the Children of South Auckland

This inspiring wee book is dedicated to the children of South Auckland and the Pacific ?? We can't wait to see you all change the world!

Pasifika in Southland

At the very bottom of Te Wai Pounamu lies one of the smallest Pasifika communities in Aotearoa. We asked the Pacific Island Advisory and Cultural Trust…


The Raroboys are filling a gap in Aotearoa's art-scene. The art collective curate the visual style of Pasifika youth, from film to paintings and everything in…

Samoa's To Sua Ocean Trench

This week we're delving into the many realms of Pasifika, so what better way to start than diving into the stunning blue waters of To Sua,…

We are not victims, we are warriors.

Brianna is a warrior against climate change, travelling the globe to raise awareness and save not just her mighty Pacific home, but the world!

Are video games cheapening Māori culture?

In 1974 mana was introduced to the gaming world via Dungeons and Dragons but does it mean as much to gamers as it does to Pacific…

The 'G' in gout

It's a playground diss that's actually a serious health problem, especially for Māori and Pasifika people. Yeah, we're talking about gout.

Lago Girls

The Lago Girls are a group of women empowering each other and their community to live healthy, happy lives - and preserving their Pasifika culture along…