How microdosing mushrooms can help mental health

More research shows the active ingredient in shrooms can help with the effects of trauma.

Festival drug-checking services will now receive government funding

Drug-checking services at summer festivals will receive government funding for the first time.

Lockdown can mean riskier drug use. Here's some advice to handle that

Right now, it’s more important than ever to have reliable information around safe drug use.

‘I didn’t want sex without drugs, and I used drugs to find sex’

A young man tells us about his experience in the chemsex scene

From nangs to comedowns, here's 10 stories about drugs

In case you missed it, last week Re: brought you a whole week of content dedicated to drugs.

I started one of NZ’s first Discord drug servers at 18

The mastermind of one of NZ’s first illegal drug servers was an 18-year-old Wellington student.

Talking to a dark web drug dealer who got caught

A drug dealer shares the story of why he started importing and how he got busted.

Two people who need medicinal cannabis: one legally, one on the black market | Side by Side

Is medicinal cannabis actually accessible and affordable for those who need it?

What if we decriminalised all drugs | Let Me Explain

Portugal decriminalised all drugs in 2001. Could the same work here?

Comedowns are the worst, but they don’t have to be

What if it’s not the drug that gives comedowns, but instead the way people take it?

Talking to the brave people who asked their dealers for refunds

A surprising number of students are getting refunds from their drug dealers after buying "MDMA"

The FBI made an app that tricked thousands of drug dealers around the world, including NZ

In NZ, 35 people were arrested and over 900 charges were laid against senior members gang members.

'Cannabis sommelier' is an actual job. Here's what they do.

‘Cannabis sommelier’ is an actual job. Kaya, a certified cannabis sommelier, explains what they do.

Nangs to the door: the curious rise of NZ’s ‘whipped cream’ industry

Why the hell am I so aggressively being advertised whipped cream paraphernalia?

Drug laws need to be scrapped, say advocacy groups

Nearly 25 health and social organisations have signed an open letter asking the Government to repeal and replace current “unfair” drug laws with those that focus…

Why the US Drug Enforcement agency is coming to Aotearoa

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) are setting up shop in New Zealand. With the continual growing popularity of Class A drugs like methamphetamine amongst Kiwis, combined…

Pill testing doesn’t make you any more likely to take drugs, research finds

New research has found pill-testing services do not result in people taking MDMA if they had not used the drug before.

The research also found that pill…

40 percent of MDMA in NZ this summer was actually cathinones

Drug checking organisation Know Your Stuff has found nearly 40% of MDMA was actually eutylone.

Drug checking will be made legal in NZ in time for festivals this summer

Drug checking allows people to safely find out what's really in their pills.

Why people are taking the 'date rape' drug

With rising hospitalisations from liquid ecstasy experts say drug checking at festivals is needed.

Stoners tell us why they smoke and how legalising might impact them

Stoners are hidden everywhere. From business executives to teachers, people from all walks of life love to toke every now and then.

The idea of Kiwis being…

A weed dealer on the constant threat of violence that comes with the job

Eighty percent of New Zealanders have tried weed by the age of 21, and between 250,000 and 400,000 of us are using it weekly. But because…

A majority of NZers say they will vote to keep weed illegal

A new poll says majority of NZers would vote against legalising weed.

Explainer: the cannabis referendum that could make weed legal in New Zealand

At this year’s election, as well as voting on who we want to be in government, we will also be asked this question: Do you support the…

Revisiting New Zealand's illegal weed club

Situated just a few minutes away from a local police station in West Auckland, The Daktory was a cannabis club that opened in 2008. Simply put,…

How are New Zealanders going to get high during lockdown?

With lockdown now in full effect, drug stock is drying up around the country. We spoke to three New Zealanders to find out how they’re getting…

An ambulance driver tells us what he sees at a drug-related crash

95 people died in drug-related crashes on New Zealand roads in 2018. St John Ambulance Officer Cuan van Zyl shares his experiences of dealing with drug-related…

A cop tells us about the crashes she can't forget

"In 2017, drugs overtook alcohol for their amount of fatal crashes," says Charmaine Smith, a police officer and Black Fern. We join her as she clocks…

How one woman is fighting meth in small-town New Zealand

Methamphetamine is easier to come across than you might think - especially in NZ's small towns. "It's a lot easier to find than marijuana," says one…

It’s now legal for New Zealand companies to produce medicinal cannabis

New regulations passed yesterday define how New Zealand companies can grow, manufacture and sell medicinal cannabis. We spoke to three advocates of medicinal cannabis about their…