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‘A time of whakatau’: Pounamu Wharekawa on their Matariki illustrations

Re: talks to the Kirikiriroa-based artist about rest, whānau, what this time of year means to them.

Greymouth’s pink church vandalised with homophobic, antisemitic graffiti

In a statement, police said the building was vandalised in the early hours of Thursday, June 2.

  • 07 Jun 22

Covid update May 15: 5,745 new cases, 15 deaths

15 people with Covid-19 have died, bringing the publicly reported total to date to 973.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern tests positive for Covid

She's one of 7,068 other new cases of Covid-19 today.

Covid update April 3: 8,810 new cases, 18 deaths

From 11.59pm tomorrow night, My Vaccine Pass is no longer required.

Auckland gets over a month’s worth of rain in 10 hours

More than 4000 lightning strikes happened in one hour in Auckland and the lower North Island.

Covid update March 13: 14,494 new cases, 8 deaths

There are 896 people in hospital.

Covid update March 12: 18,699 new cases, 7 deaths

This brings the total number of Covid-19 related deaths in New Zealand to 105.

Fire on Parliament grounds, 60 arrested as Police remove protestors

Police have demolished tents and cleared the grounds.

Soundsplash festival worker says ‘only a handful’ of vendors wearing masks

An event worker at Soundsplash says they weren’t advised of Covid-19 protocols before the festival.

Group exposing allegations of abuse in the music industry threatened with legal action

Beneath The Glass Ceiling has been told to delete their entire Instagram account or else face court.

Covid update Jan 23: 24 new cases

Sunday January 23

There are 24 new cases of Covid-19 today.

Of these, 2 are in Northland, 16 are in Auckland, 1 is in Waikato, and 5 are…

Covid update: 126 new cases over the last two days

Sunday December 26

There have been 126 new cases of Covid-19 over the last two days. The Ministry of Health did not report new case numbers on…

Covid vaccine update: Dec 12

December 12

Here's our latest graphics on how the Covid-19 vaccine rollout is going in New Zealand.


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  • 12 Dec 21

Covid update Dec 12: 103 new cases

Sunday December 12

Today there are 103 new cases in the community. 

There are two in Northland, 86 in Auckland, nine in Waikato, three in Bay of Plenty,…

  • 12 Dec 21

New law makes it easier for gender diverse people to update the sex on their birth certificate

Previously people needed to prove to the Family Court they had irreversible medical treatment.

  • 09 Dec 21

Covid update 7 Dec: 98 new cases

Tuesday 7 December

Today there are 98 new cases of Covid-19.

There are 74 in Auckland, 10 in Waikato, eight in Bay of Plenty, one in Taranaki and…

  • 07 Dec 21

Covid update 5 Dec: 106 new cases

Sunday 5 December

There are 106 new cases today. 

Three are in Northland, 93 are in Auckland, eight are in Waikato, one is in Whanganui, and one is…

  • 05 Dec 21

Covid update: 98 new cases

Saturday 4 December

Today there are 98 new cases, with three in Northland, 64 in Auckland, 21 in Waikato, six in Bay of Plenty, one in Lakes…

  • 04 Dec 21

Judith Collins loses National leadership: the drama explained in 7 quotes

Simon Bridges has been stripped of his responsibilities after making jokes about how to conceive a baby, Judith Collins has lost the leadership of the National…

Covid update: 172 new cases

Saturday 20 November, 1pm

Today there are 172 new cases. 148 are in Auckland, 12 in Waikato, four in Northland, three in Bay of Plenty, four in…

  • 20 Nov 21

Experts answer: When is it safe to fuck strangers under the Covid-19 traffic light system

With all the rules about public health during Covid, one piece of information has been missing.

Covid update: 175 new cases today, 93 people in hospital

Saturday 13 November, 1pm

Today there are 175 new cases. One of those is a new case in Taupō. Of the others, 159 are in Auckland, two…

  • 13 Nov 21

A disinformation researcher on all the Nazi signs at the Wellington anti-vax protest

NZ has seen a sharp increase in Covid-19 disinformation related to far-right ideologies.

Covid update: 206 new cases, NZ's highest daily total

Saturday 6 November

Today there are 206 new Covid cases, our highest daily total ever and the first time new cases have hit the 200 mark.

Four of…

Covid update: 109 new cases today

Today there are 109 new Covid cases in the community.

103 of today’s cases are in Auckland, two are in Northland and four are in Waikato (including…

Sex workers can claim the wage subsidy in NZ. But stigma means many are too afraid to do so

"Just because it's legal doesn't mean that there's no stigma."