Covid update April 27: 9,830 cases, 473 hospitalisations

The Ministry of Health says 23 people with Covid-19 have died.

Covid update April 24: 5662 new cases, 9 deaths

There are 490 people currently in hospital, with 20 of those in ICU.

Covid update April 2: 11,560 cases, 23 deaths

There are 678 people in hospital - 30 of those are in ICU or HDU.

Covid update April 1: 13,475 cases, 17 deaths

Of these deaths, 15 people with the virus have died in the past two days.

New Zealand gets third Covid-19 vaccine

New Zealanders will soon be able to access a third Covid-19 vaccine, Novavax, this month.

The anti-mandate protesters stuck in the South Island

They’d like to join the larger protest at Parliament, but they can’t get on a boat.

Covid Update Feb 21: 2,365 new community cases and 2 deaths

There are 116 people currently in hospital.

Anti-vaccine-mandate protesters occupy Parliament: a timeline of the last 3 days

They’ve set up an illegal tent city, blocked off streets, and 120 have been arrested.

Anti-mandate protesters warned about tents on Parliament grounds

Anti-mandate protesters have spent the night outside Parliament ahead of a second day of protests.

Covid update Jan 21: 23 new cases, Omicron case in Palmerston North

There is one new possible Omicron case in Auckland.

Covid update Jan 19: 24 community cases

Wednesday January 19

There are 24 new community cases of Covid-19 today.

Of these, 14 are in Auckland, 1 is in Northland, 1 in Waikato, 5 are in…

How health and wellness influencers became misinformation superspreaders

Influencers have played a significant role in the spread of Covid misinformation and members of the health and wellness community have been among the biggest superspreaders.…

Covid update Dec 27: 34 new cases

Hawke’s Bay DHB is set to reach 90 percent fully vaccinated in the coming days.

Covid Dec 23: 56 new community cases

Thursday December 23

There are 56 new community cases of Covid-19 today.

Of these, 42 are in Auckland, 4 in Waikato, 6 in Bay of Plenty, 2 in…

Covid: New Zealand is 90 percent fully vaccinated

New Zealand has just hit a Covid-19 milestone.

Covid-19: Vaccine for children could be available next year

Children between the ages of 5 and 11 could soon be eligible to get vaccinated against Covid-19.

Covid vaccine update: Dec 12

December 12

Here's our latest graphics on how the Covid-19 vaccine rollout is going in New Zealand.


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  • 12 Dec 21

Covid update 9 Dec: 103 new cases

Rapid antigen testing will be available for free from pharmacies across New Zealand

  • 09 Dec 21

Covid update: 135 new cases, Government purchases new antiviral Pfizer pill

Monday December 6: 4pm

The Government has purchased a new medicine from Pfizer which early research has shown could dramatically reduce the hospitalisation and death of people…

Covid update: 92 new cases in the community

Friday December 3

There are 92 new cases in the community today (back to double digits – woo!). 80 in Auckland, two in Waikato, one in Northland,…

Covid update: More cases in Nelson-Marlborough; 86 people in hospital; 9 in ICU

Today, there are 172 new community cases. 

2 are in Northand, 142 are in Auckland, 15 are in Waikato, 1 is in the Bay of Plenty, 2…

Here’s what we know about the Covid Omicron strain

It's certainly a lot harder to pronounce.

Covid update: Vaccine rollout for children could begin in January; 83 people in hospital

The Government is looking at a "paediatric version" of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Iwi urging travellers to stay home this summer

We can travel this summer, but should we?

Covid update: 1 death; Booster rollout beginning; 82 in hospital

From tomorrow, anyone eligible for a booster shot can get one. An elderly person has also died.

Covid update: 145 new cases, 77 in hospital, one death

Officials are assessing international information on the new Omicron strain.

Experts answer: When is it safe to fuck strangers under the Covid-19 traffic light system

With all the rules about public health during Covid, one piece of information has been missing.