Early morning lectures could be ruining your university grades

Nearly 40% of Aotearoa’s teenagers are sleeping less than the recommended 8-10 hours each night.

Māori and Pacific students feel university inclusion in NZ is 'tokenistic'

The study looks at the experiences of 43 current or past postgraduate students at NZ unis.

Greens, student unions launch student wellbeing inquiry

"Poverty isn’t a rite of passage. It’s a political decision," Chlöe Swarbrick says.

Student allowances go up by $25: 'Feels like a poverty trap'

There's relief and frustration among students as allowances and living costs have gone up by $25.

Year 13s tell us what it was like finishing school in a pandemic

From a one-week lockdown in February to what felt like a never-ending lockdown in August, this year couldn’t have been more hectic for Aotearoa, but especially…

‘I felt pressured to go to uni’: Better career advice for teenagers could prevent dropouts

Former uni student says better career advice at high school could help prevent students dropping out

LGBTQIA+ competency questions now included in medical school interviews

The questions will assess knowledge of health issues for LGBTQIA+ communities.

Five AUT students tell us about having a positive case on campus

One of the Covid-19 community cases is an AUT student who was in a lecture at the city campus.

Finding whanaungatanga in the South

What does whanaungatanga mean to you? Is it whanau and the feeling of belonging, or something different? 

Hitaua Arahanga-Doyle (Ngāi Tahu, Te Āti Haunui a Pāpārangi) is…

Students say they’re treated as ‘cash cows’ by uni accommodation

Covid-19 exposed how shitty student accommodation can be.

Tikanga Māori and Te Ao Māori concepts will be taught at all law schools

Law students will be adding another skillset to their university degrees.

NZ uni students refuse to quit coffee despite negative side effects

A study shows one quarter of uni students consume coffee despite negative side effects.

Māori scientists feel pressured to educate colleagues for free

New research highlights how Māori scientists are expected to raise the cultural capacity of their organisations without dedicated time or pay. 

The research, published this month in…

I watched the Young Voters' Debate and was actually entertained

Here are seven highlights from last night's showdown.

I did a BA... and turned out fine

“There’s something about the work you’re creating that cannot be replicated in any other sector.”

Bachelor of Arts degrees, like all degrees, have an important part to…

Some unis are bumping up grades because of Covid and students say it’s unfair

Otago and Auckland University are automatically bumping up grades across the board in response to Covid-19. But most other New Zealand universities have ruled a grade…

Students with disabilities are hoping online learning wasn't just a Covid phase

University classes start back in-person this week, and students will once again have to drag themselves out of bed to get to class. But those with…

Students are refusing to pay rent for university accommodation they can’t use

Students at halls of residence across the country are being asked to continue to pay for accomodation they can’t access due to Covid-19 restrictions. Halls at…

Future essential workers are expected to live in poverty to get qualified

Covid-19 has made life harder for many New Zealanders, but students remain the only group whose support package is just more debt. Re: spoke with eight…

Students are fuming at the government's Covid-19 tertiary support package

Yesterday the government announced a Covid-19 tertiary support package, but the allowances can’t be spent on essentials like rent and food. Students say the government is…

Opinion: Otago University fucked up with Covid-19

Doing the bare minimum until the last second is fine for assignments, but not for pandemic responses, argues Erin Gourley in this opinion piece originally published…

We spoke to uni students scrambling to get home before lockdown

People are flooding to ferries and planes to get across the Cook Strait before lockdown. Students say tickets to the North Island sold out in minutes…

Students tell us the most racist thing about New Zealand

Students at Victoria University talk about the insidious nature of racism in New Zealand, and how the classroom is the key place to produce change.

Students tell us the meanest thing someone has said to them online

What's the meanest thing someone's ever said to you online? The answers from students at AUT's O Week show us that harmful comments are much too…

Students tell us how they would unf*ck the world

We hit up Otago Uni's O Week to ask the pertinent question, "How would you unfuck the world?" The responses were wide-ranging: some practical, some philosophical…

These apps are democratising mental health care

University can be a lonely place. For many students, going from high school to university is a big adjustment that can take a toll on our…

Degree minors have major impact

Even if you're doing the same degree as someone, your experiences could be very different depending on the majors and minors you pick. AUT business students…

A Day in the Life of an Intern: The Warehouse

You need work experience to get a job, but you need a job to get work experience. It's the age-old conundrum that continues to stump uni…

A Day in the Life of an Intern: Burger King

53% of young bachelor grads go straight from study into work. Internships can help make that first career move a lot smoother. We spent the day…

The Manor

On October 6, a Dunedin house party ended in the death of second year university student Sophia Crestani. Natasha, a fellow university student at the party,…