Sexual Health

4 reasons queer people are better at sexual health than straight people

“Queer people are good at sexual health because for a lot of us, we were forced to in the ’80s.”

Why does he take so long to cum? | Horny on Main

Melody and Elena call in the big guns in the new episode of Horny on Main.

Meet Amy: The first baby born through an HIV-positive sperm bank

There is no cure for HIV but effective medication can make a person’s viral load undetectable.

Half of people with penises are unhappy with its size - but why?

Health experts say anxiety over penis size can affect people’s sex lives.

FBoy Island reinforces rape culture, experts say

Sexual assault prevention advocates say problems with the show run much deeper.

Anal sex is on the rise but education isn’t catching up

“When I get regular STI checks, I never get asked about anal sex then either - only vagina or oral."

NZ must take action on monkeypox now, sexual health experts say

Experts are urging the Government to take steps to prevent monkeypox from becoming endemic.

Including pleasure in sex education could increase condom use, study finds

“Pleasure has been overlooked and stigmatized in health promotion and sex education”.

Male contraceptive pill 99 percent effective in mice trial

Is it time to shift the scales of the contraceptive burden balance?

I’m non-binary afab and I’m in love with my straight cis bestie | Horny on Main

Horny on Main is a place to unpack and explore the complicated and messy territories of sex, love and intimacy. It’s not just for the horndogs,…

Boundaries, communication, and jealousy: What it’s like being polyamorous

Re: wanted to know what the biggest misconceptions around polyamory are, what it’s like being in a polyamorous relationship and how people cope with jealousy. 

We spoke…

How do I pick a good partner for losing my virginity? | Horny on Main

Horny on Main is a place to unpack and explore the complicated and messy territories of sex, love and intimacy. It’s not just for the horndogs,…

How do I get my libido back after being totally not keen this pandemic? | Horny on Main

Horny on Main is Re:’s sex advice column. It’s a place to unpack and explore the complicated and messy territories of sex, love and intimacy. It’s…

Today we launch our new sex advice column: Horny On Main

Today we launch the new Re: sex advice column, Horny on Main. You can read the first instalment, How do I get my libido back after…

Aucklanders bought more sex toys than any other region this year

The Satisfyer Pro 2, aka the Harry Styles of sex toys, dominated for the third year in a row.

From antidepressants to clueless partners: Women tell us about struggling to orgasm

Re: speaks to seven women involved about the orgasm gap.

2020 broke records for sex toy sales

2020 saw the largest year of sex toy sales in history for Wellington-based online retailer Adulttoymegastore. 

"We've never seen anything like 2020 in terms of sales of…

A sex therapist’s advice on the importance of touch during isolation

Over the past few months, the world has become intimately aware of the impact of our touch. We have started to see our own hands as…

How to handle your sexual health in lockdown

Many sexual health services aren’t open during lockdown. What do you do if you need to get a refill of the pill, an IUD removal, and…

People living with HIV tell us how we can stop the stigma

Modern HIV medication keeps New Zealanders alive and untransmittable. Nowadays, the stigma is harder to live with than the virus itself. Re: spoke with three HIV+…

Let's talk period sex

Ava*, 26, and Ryan*, 27, have been together for two years. There’s something Ava wants to try in the bedroom - she thinks it could be…

Fact or Fiction with The Vagina Physio

We sat down with Vagina Physio Caitlin Day to talk about how physiotherapy isn't just for indoor netball injuries - she gave us 10 questions she's…

I do it myself - Filthy, funny poetry with Kate Spencer

Poet Kate Spencer performs her ode to the joys of masturbation.

What's the average sex number?

Is there such thing as an average number of sexual partners?

Why are we so scared of STI check ups?

GRAPHIC WARNING: (These pictures may disturb you). When was the last time you had a check up?