2020 saw the largest year of sex toy sales in history for Wellington-based online retailer Adulttoymegastore. 

"We've never seen anything like 2020 in terms of sales of toys. I've been in this business for more than a decade and I didn't see it coming,” says Adulttoymegastore owner Nicola Relph.

“Lockdowns definitely had people at home wanting to try new things - from baking bread to trying toys. I think that it also came at a time when conversation and discussion about sex has become much more open.”

“We are finally, in New Zealand, dropping those Victorian-era attitudes toward sex and sexuality. It's a wonderful thing to see." 

In the 48 hours following Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s lockdown announcement in March 2020, sex toy sales for New Zealand tripled. 

Similar effects were seen around the world, with the online store’s sales in Australia doubling after Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced bars would close on March 22nd. 

The same occurred in Britain when Boris Johnson also announced closures on March 21st.

Interestingly the majority of purchases were made by first-time sex toy users.

“From a gender perspective, [our customers] are really 50/50, which surprises people,” says Nicola. “People could be either buying for themselves or their partner.” 

“Vibrators are an interesting category… When people think sex toy, they think vibrator, even though there’s thousands and thousands of different types of sex toys out there.” 

The top 10 most popular sex toys for 2020 were…

  1. Satisfyer Pro 2.0 Next Generation
  2. Bullet Vibrator
  3. Share Satisfaction Kama
  4. Satisfyer - Pro G-Spot Rabbit
  5. Rocks Off Every Girl
  6. Jackit Stroker
  7. Optimale ring set
  8. Amore by ATMS Silicone Beaded Chain
  9. Basix Suction Cup Dildo
  10. OVO L1 Loveballs

Despite the rollout of Covid vaccines across the world, Nicola predicts that in 2021 sales are going to continue to increase as first-time users start to explore their bodies more. “The market is going to continue to grow as more people talk about it and want to try new things.”