From a remote-controlled couples vibrator to a bondage restraint kit, New Zealanders are being more adventurous with their sex toys.

Adult toy and lingerie retailer, Adulttoymegastore, recently revealed the top 10 regions that bought the most sex toys as well as the 10 bestselling toys of 2021. 

The lists, released on Monday, saw the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation come out on top. 

Adulttoymegastore owner Nicola Relph says it’s been the bestseller for three years in a row. 

“I think social chatter is what has made it so popular. People try it, love it and tell their friends. It’s a great entry-level toy because it’s not intimidating to look at, it’s easy to use, and is designed for external use which I think is a big attraction,” Relph says.

The Share Satisfaction Kama and Vibrating Cock Ring by Satisfyer came in second and third place for best-selling toys. 

Behind Aucklanders, Cantabrians and Wellingtonians bought the most sex toys in 2021. 

It’s no surprise to see bigger cities at the top of the regions list but Northland’s Kaikohe, which had a 46 percent increase in sex toy sales, is unexpected, Relph says.

“That’s a lot of growth and I can confirm that there were a lot of Satisfyer Pro 2s and Kama’s sold in Kaikohe this year.”

Adulttoymegastore sex educator Emma Hewitt says lockdown could have also impacted the results.

It makes me think people were maybe looking for some fun and stress release,” Hewitt says. 

“It’s been a pretty crazy couple of years for everyone and we get to enjoy pleasure and find ways to make ourselves feel good when everything feels a little bit shit.”

Hewitt says the technology behind the Satisfyer Pro 2 along with its price has made the product a hit. 

“It works really differently to vibration in that it uses a pressure wave technology.” 

“It actually doesn’t come into contact with the clitoris but sits around it and it makes movement in the air which is what causes the clitoris to pulse as it draws blood in.”

This year’s top 10 list of sex toys had a lot of variety and is a sign that New Zealanders are being more adventurous with sex toys, Hewitt says. 

“People are coming to understand that a lot of these toys can be used in so many different ways. They’re not specific to any gender either, which is a really good progression.”

Sex toys are becoming more mainstream and that is because of more positive media representation rather than being the butt of jokes all the time, she says.

“There’s definitely been a shift towards more sex positivity across the globe.”

“Unfortunately, there are some toys that are still seen as really weird or taboo, for example, toys that involve anal play. But that’s just something that will take time to move away from,” Hewitt says.

For those who wish to dabble in the world of sex toys but are not quite sure where or how to start, Hewitt has advice. 

“The first step is getting to know your body a little bit more and figuring out what feels good for you. Really think about what part of your body you enjoy being stimulated. There’s so much to explore.” 

A key focus for Adulttoymegastore and the industry over the next year is looking at how to make toys more accessible. 

“We’re always looking for ways to find new toys and products that can actually be more helpful to people beyond just pleasure. It could be something that eases pain during penetrative sex or toys that can be used handsfree in case you have issues with your hands,” she says. 

“What we’re really looking forward to in 2022 is more and more of that innovation that makes these toys accessible.”

The New Zealand regions that bought the most sex toys in 2021

  1. Auckland
  2. Christchurch
  3. Wellington
  4. Hamilton
  5. Dunedin
  6. Palmerston North
  7. Tauranga
  8. Lower Hutt
  9. Napier
  10. Whangārei

Places that had the biggest percentage increase in sex toy sales in 2021 compared to 2020

  1. Kaikohe, Northland 46% 
  2. Lincoln, Canterbury 41%
  3. Warkworth, Auckland 37%
  4. Helensville, Auckland 32%
  5. Pahiatua, Manawatū-Whanganui 31%
  6. Richmond, Nelson 31%
  7. Waihi, Waikato 28%
  8. Waiheke Island 27%
  9. Te Kuiti, Waikato 26%
  10. Waimate, Canterbury 26%

New Zealand’s top 10 sex toys of 2021

  1. Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation 
  2. Share Satisfaction Kama 
  3. Vibrating Cock Ring by Satisfyer 
  4. Gaia remote-controlled couples vibrator by Share Satisfaction 
  5. Satisfyer Men Wand Masturbator 
  6. Anal Fantasy Mini Butt Plug 
  7. Share Satisfaction Waterproof Vibrating Bullet 
  8. Bondage Mattress Restraint Kit 
  9. Rocks Off Chaiamo Vibrator 
  10. Wet Stuff Gold Water-based Lubricant

Top image: Sexy heart shaped handcuffs placed on a red satin background. Photo: Clubfoto/iStock

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