‘A hangover of a colonial past’: Why we have narrow views on relationships

The word ‘monogamy’ originates from Greek and European thought.

Dogs love us so much they cry happy tears when they see us

"Dogs have become a partner of humans, and we can form bonds."

We fell in love in a VR chatroom

"In VR we can be whoever we want or whatever we want."

Female dolphins enjoy sex, and their clitorises aren’t that different from ours

Do female dolphins enjoy having sex? American researchers decided to find out by looking at the clitorises of female dolphins. 

Scientists know that dolphins are highly social.…

Aucklanders bought more sex toys than any other region this year

The Satisfyer Pro 2, aka the Harry Styles of sex toys, dominated for the third year in a row.

Dating lessons we can all learn from Netflix's Love on the Spectrum

We talked to two young people on the autism spectrum about the lessons they can teach about dating.

Made My Day: Penguin couple celebrate 24 happy years together in Auckland

Spring is upon us in Aotearoa and love is in the icy air for penguin couple Buster and 99.

I spent the last year reclaiming te reo Māori full time. Here’s what I learnt

A reflection from Shilo Kino, a journalist and author.

What do you look for in a partner, and do you even have those qualities yourself?

What is cheating? And is marriage still important to our generation?

8 rangatahi tell us what they really think about dating apps

“The only good things to come out of it would be in the bedroom…”

Snack To The Future - Judy | 48Hours

A woman forms an unlikely friendship with her partner’s blow-up doll, after trust is broken in their relationship.

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The Creamery - In Deep | 48Hours

A group of young men organise a complex series of events to get their friend talking to the girl of his dreams. But who is heisting…

Tasteful Sideboob - Hydrangea | 48Hours

During a Reiki session, Rosie is challenged by her own subconscious and not all is as it seems.


Best Performer
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I’m turned on by love letters

“Handwriting is a big turn on - I think I have a fetish for handwriting."

Trans people tell us how they fell in love

We meet four gender diverse couples at locations in Tāmaki Makaurau that are special to them, and hear their swoon-worthy stories of how they met and…

  • 26 Mar 21

Beautiful post-lockdown reunions to make you cry

Take two minutes to soak up the love and joy in these level 2 reunion moments. Then give your loved ones some bone-crushing hugs!

A sex therapist’s advice on the importance of touch during isolation

Over the past few months, the world has become intimately aware of the impact of our touch. We have started to see our own hands as…

Can we fix break ups?

Break ups are not fun. So how can we get better at them? We talk to two exes, a counsellor and people on the street about…

What happens when your girlfriend is 2D?

After a traumatic breakup, Jonty fell in love with an anime character called Rem. Before long, they were in a relationship. Jonty shares his story, which…

A long Italian love affair with flowers

Vilelma is 94 years old and takes flowers to her husband's grave every day. EVERY DAY. Re: contributor Anthony Costello met Vilelma on a trip to…

Brekfist: The Middlemarch Singles Ball

Saraid and Johanna venture to rural Central Otago to attend the Middlemarch Singles Ball - the largest rural matchmaking event in the Southern Hemisphere. And if…

Jackson's Journey

1 in every 100 babies in New Zealand is born with a Congenital Heart Defect, ranging from mild to life-threatening; Jackson is one of those babies.We…

Meet the Huckles

Phyllis and Terry Huckle met ballroom dancing many moons ago. The rumba quickly turned into romance and the rest, as they say, is history. Listen in…

Is sugar babying sex work?

Sugar babies are supposed to lie in the space between a girlfriend and a sex worker - generally young women who spend time with older men…

We reject Islamophobia. We stand together.

There was a clear message from the people today: remember the precious lives unjustly taken from us, and reject Islamophobia, reject violence.

Twenty-four hours after learning of…

My bff, a.k.a. Dad, has cancer

The irony of being diagnosed with leukaemia on Daffodil Day wasn't lost on Kerry Bisley. Now he's a found a new cause, one which has spurred…

The Dutch travellers embarking on an epic African adventure.

Ingrid and Branko may be retired, but they're as far away from matinee plays and afternoon biccies as you can get. They're taking their truck through…

The Dust Palace

Welcome to The Dust Palace, a place where gravity is but a mere suggestion. Eve and Mike break down the highs and lows of being a…

Not a Blanket Approach: Norma's Story

When Norma lost her husband, she felt she lost half of herself. As loneliness threatened to creep in, it was her beautiful beach community that helped…