Policy breakdown: Housing

What will different political parties do to fix our housing crisis?

Periods, poverty and debt: Rangatahi grill politicians

Rangatahi asked politicians about poverty, period products and lowering the voting age in NZ.

NZ gang laws politically driven and have no impact, expert says

An expert says laws are often introduced for political reasons rather than that of policy making.

What you need to know about Christopher Luxon, the new leader of the National Party

The National Party has voted for Christopher Luxon as its new leader.

Judith Collins loses National leadership: the drama explained in 7 quotes

Simon Bridges has been stripped of his responsibilities after making jokes about how to conceive a baby, Judith Collins has lost the leadership of the National…

Former political candidate Billy Te Kahika arrested in anti-lockdown protest

The protest was staged outside the TVNZ building in Auckland CBD.

Conversion therapy will be banned, with sentence of up to 5 years’ imprisonment

“There are so many people that will have their lives changed because of this.”

Jacinda Ardern says hate speech laws won’t stop anyone calling Judith Collins a Karen

National’s leader had pondered whether calling someone a 'Karen' would become a crime.

NZ’s 120 MPs own 248 properties between them

Owning property is supremely popular with our MPs, according to the latest list of parliamentarians’ investments and properties. Many own multiple places, with one National MP…

New law makes it harder to overturn Māori wards

New legislation has been announced that would give councils more power to establish and protect Māori wards.

The change was announced by Local Government Minister Nanaia Mahuta…

Inside Trump’s America from a New Zealander who’s been there

Inside Trump’s America from a New Zealander who’s been there...

Euthanasia still a yes, cannabis still a no, and Labour keeps majority with special votes

The special votes have been counted and the final results of the referendums and New Zealand’s 2020 general election have been released.

It’s still a no for…

Meet your new Māori MPs

Plus words of advice from Kiri Allan who was in their position three years ago.

Brooke Van Velden on why she switched from Greens to ACT | Church and State

19-year-old musician and first-time voter Church talks to ACT's deputy leader, Brooke Van Velden.

I don't know anything about politics: what’s the deal with minor parties?

New Zealand has 14 registered political parties, can you name them all? I couldn’t.

I don’t know anything about politics: what do the parties stand for?

My feed's been spammed by so many political scandals I don’t know what each party stands for anymore

Explainer: here's what you need to know about new National leader Judith Collins

We’ve all seen the gun photo and heard the phrase “Crusher Collins”, but what does she stand for?

Who the heck is the new National Party leader Todd Muller

Today Simon Bridges was toppled from the leadership of the National Party.

He’s been replaced by Todd Muller, a man who many voters don’t even recognise.

Here’s the…

Opinion: Bridges beats up on his own

There’s a slim chance Simon Bridges could become New Zealand’s first prime minister who has Māori heritage.  He’s trying to increase those chances by shitting on…

Politicians' Properties

Some politicians are living lush - are they out of touch with the housing crisis?

Re:visit - Georgina Beyer

Georgina Beyer is a groundbreaking, fearless woman; never afraid to speak her mind and stand up for what she believes in ???