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“Tough like an armour truck, the only medicine I know, harden up!”

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The Masculinity Project is an exploration and documentation of what it means to be a man in Aotearoa

Our One for the Boys series is here. Check out the release party.

Re: celebrated the launch of our new masculinity series One for the Boys at the Grey Lynn Bowling Club in Auckland last night. 

There was pizza, laughs…

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TEEKS on music as a form of healing

“It’s about reestablishment or reclamation of whakaaro Māori because I know our tupuna were emotionally aware and conscious of the power and strength in vulnerability and…

Inside the barbershop giving men a place to open up

“Anyone can walk through those doors. A priest, a businessman, a schoolboy, a gang member, and there is no judgment put on them.”

Meet Fitz, the owner…

This group is helping men heal their own violence

New Zealand Police investigate a domestic violence case every four minutes. The members of Tauawhi Men's Centre in Gisborne are working to overcome this problem…