Suck it up. Harden Up. Be a man about it. How many times have you heard these words? Do you think they help, or make it harder to deal with problems?

What about NZ’s high suicide rate? Last year, 654 people died by suicide and most of them were men.

In this episode, we talk mental health, and get real about the different things that affect how we think, feel and talk. We meet Evandah Steadman, who takes us through some of his family’s darkest days. Surfing legend Daniel Kereopa talks about his own mental health journey, and friends Phillip, Liam and Teowai get honest about being vulnerable. 

One for the Boys is a documentary, article and photo series about masculinity in Aotearoa today. We look at what it means to be a man, and how and why that’s changing. See here for more from One for the Boys. 

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Where to get help:

1737: The nationwide 24/7 mental health support line. Call or text 1737 to speak to a trained counsellor.

Suicide Crisis Line: Free call 0508 TAUTOKO or 0508 828 865. Nationwide 24/7 support line operated by experienced counsellors with advanced suicide prevention training. 

Youthline: Freephone 0800 376 633, text 234. Nationwide service focused on supporting young people.

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