“Imagine if all your boys jump into a fight and you don’t? You’re just the one standing there.”

Half of male highschool students said they were physically harmed or hit by another person last year. As guys, is it just one of the ways we deal with problems? We explore this and the world of MMA in our first episode of One for the Boys.

We follow the journey of Amos Po Ching, an amateur MMA fighter who used to get into fights at parties and on the street. We also talk to friends Phillip, Liam and Teowai about their own scraps, and interrogate the link between masculinity and violence in New Zealand.

One for the Boys is a documentary, article and photo series about masculinity in Aotearoa today. We look at what it means to be a man, and how and why that’s changing.

Made with support from NZ on Air.

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