There's a friendship recession and it's hurting NZ men

“I think I was in denial about it for a long time."

In photos: What men feeling safe to be sensual looks like

“There was this really interesting sense of masculinity, but also complete vulnerability.”

Eleven stories that teach us what masculinity really means

We've rounded up a bunch of stories that show us what it means to be a man.

How young men struggle with body image pressures | One For The Boys | Ep 4

A new bodybuilder and group of friends discuss body image struggles

Love you bro, no homo: talking about closeness between guys

“Bro rub some sunscreen on my back, no homo.”

Why are some guys uncomfortable holding each other’s hands or sleeping in the same bed? And why is…

Toxic masculinity makes it difficult for Pacific men to be vulnerable

“Tough like an armour truck, the only medicine I know, harden up!”

How men tie their self-worth to being good in bed

“I remember the first time, she was like, oh this was bad.”

Men can't talk about their feelings and it's a deadly problem | One For The Boys | Ep 3

Suck it up. Harden Up. Be a man about it. How many times have you heard these words?

Men tell us where they feel most and least masculine

The Masculinity Project is an exploration and documentation of what it means to be a man in Aotearoa

A pleasure coach tells me how NZ men can stop being the world’s worst lovers

According to Ms. Bliss, the reason New Zealand men are bad at sex is a cultural issue.

We talk to people who make porn and people who consume it | One For The Boys | Ep 2

We take a look at how young guys navigate the world of porn.

Guys and violence: Am I weak if I back down? | One For the Boys | Ep 1

“Imagine if all your boys jump into a fight and you don’t? You’re just the one standing there.”

Inside the barbershop giving men a place to open up

“Anyone can walk through those doors. A priest, a businessman, a schoolboy, a gang member, and there is no judgment put on them.”

Meet Fitz, the owner…

Talking to Guled Mire about his award-winning mental health series

Last night the Re: series Third Culture Minds, hosted by Guled Mire, won the Mental Health Service Awards of Australia and New Zealand’s Special Media Journalism…

Nude Dudes

In the buff goes next level with these nude dudes. We get underneath the robes of the Bare Butlers, getting to the bottom of what it's…

Women and men in top jobs - how is it different?

Is work-life different for men and women in top jobs?

The worst part

Is the worst part about being a woman dealing with men?

Men talk consent

We sat down with a group of guys to chat about consent, what it means, and some of the things they're doing to educate Aotearoa.

Men who wear make up

Makeup can be used by anyone to hide or highlight, but why do people find it weird when men wear it?

The 'G' in gout

It's a playground diss that's actually a serious health problem, especially for Māori and Pasifika people. Yeah, we're talking about gout.


No matter what the men in your life say, it's a thing. We unpack just what mansplaining is and how grating it can be.