Housing Crisis

House prices drop 2.2% across NZ - finally

The average value in NZ's largest city now sits at $1,492.807

Parents are the fifth biggest home loan lenders in New Zealand

Parents are dishing out $22.6 billion in loans to adult children, according to Consumer NZ.

Property companies face $100K fines for breaking proposed rules

The regulation of property managers is one step closer as new Government regulations are proposed.

New Zealand has 100,000 empty homes, and 100,000 homeless people

New Zealand has 100,000 empty houses, while also having 100,000 homeless. We explore why.

Homelessness is not just living on the streets: 5 housing workers explain why

When people have no other options, where do they go?

The average house price in NZ is over $900k. Do you think you’ll ever own a home?

“When I was at school, I set a goal of owning a home by the time I was 25. Well, I’m older now and I’m not…

I live in a motel. There are no houses for my disabled daughter and me

Tania has spent the last seven months trying to find a rental house for her and her daughter.

NZ has around 19,000 homeless young people. Lockdown leaves them vulnerable to abuse and harm

It is estimated that half of New Zealand’s 41,000 homeless are under the age of 25.

How NZ’s housing crisis is a human rights failure from government

The Human Rights Commission says New Zealand’s ongoing housing crisis is a human rights issue

‘It's hard without your family’: Teens tell us about living on Auckland's streets

Young and The Reckless is a new documentary about teens who lived on Auckland’s streets.

1 in 3 students facing housing deprivation had serious thoughts of suicide in the past year


New research shows high school students facing housing deprivation have double the rates of depression and suicidal thoughts. 

Based on an analysis of the latest Youth2000 survey,…

How the housing market got so cooked

We all know the housing market’s fucked. But how did it get so bad? Re:’s Cass Marrett went back nearly 40 years to find out.  

For the…

Beneficiaries spending most of their benefit on rent are relying on early payouts to survive

There have been 200,000 advanced payments made to New Zealanders in the last three months alone.

How the Government plans to unfuck NZ housing

This morning the Government announced what they will do to address the worsening housing crisis.

It’s all about making it less attractive for property investors to buy…

Renters rights have improved from today

Today changes to the Residential Tenancies Act come into place, in the biggest shake-up of tenancy law in 35 years.

Here are some of the key changes…

There are fewer houses available to buy in NZ than ever

The number of houses available to buy in New Zealand hit a new record low in December.

I got rejected from so many flats, I asked landlords what I was doing wrong

Advice from property managers and landlords on how to get that flat.

Glen Innes is undergoing massive gentrification

With huge building developments appearing in suburban Auckland, will future generations be able to afford houses in the streets they grew up on?

Does regeneration help the poor or propel the rich?

"Land that was previously owned by the state that created affordable housing for low income people is being transformed into housing for the wealthy" - does…

What else can you buy with a house deposit?

Hmmm, 83 round the world trips or a buying a house in Auckland. Decisions, decisions...🏠🤔🌎

Politicians' Properties

Some politicians are living lush - are they out of touch with the housing crisis?