Police now have more powers to seize criminal assets

New legislation aims to target gangs and make it harder for members to profit from criminal activity

Brian Tamaki appears in court as supporters shout 'let him go'

Destiny Church leader Brian Tamaki has pleaded not guilty.

28-year-old arrested over Auckland's North Shore lockdown party

Police have charged a man over the Saturday night party which breached alert level 3 restrictions.

Brian Tamaki pleads not guilty over anti-lockdown protest

Destiny Church leader Brian Tamaki appeared in court today over an anti-lockdown protest.

Planning a terror attack will become a criminal offence after counter-terrorism bill passes final…

The Counter-Terrorism legislation bill has passed its final reading today.

Family of terrorist attacker condemn what happened and offer support to victims

The statement was made after Ahamed Aathil Mohamed Samsudeen was publicly identified.

People with disabilities experience significantly higher rates of violence, research shows

40 percent of women with disabilities report physical violence from an intimate partner.

Talking to the brave people who asked their dealers for refunds

A surprising number of students are getting refunds from their drug dealers after buying "MDMA"

Sexual assault laws changing to require consent in NSW

The new model means a person must do or say something to affirm consent before sex occurs. In New Zealand, laws governing consent only stipulate when…

New anti-terrorism laws proposed in wake of March 15

The Government has taken the first step towards changing New Zealand’s anti-terrorism laws.

Drug laws need to be scrapped, say advocacy groups

Nearly 25 health and social organisations have signed an open letter asking the Government to repeal and replace current “unfair” drug laws with those that focus…

Māori are more likely to be victims of crime, a study confirms

Poverty, disability and sexuality are all factors that contribute to Māori being more likely to be victims of crime than non-Māori, a new study by the…

Dilworth School saved my life, but harmed many others

Liam Rātana on how the place that saved him may also have damaged other young men for life.

Woman groped at bar says bouncer did nothing to help her

What does a ‘zero tolerance’ policy for sexual assault in bars look like in practice?

Social media can be a new form of justice for survivors of sexual assault

What are the legal ramifications of online justice, both for those who post and the accused?

Khylee Quince | Māori and Jails: Locked Up

Associate Professor Khylee Quince (Te Roroa, Ngāti Porou) is a straight talker who doesn't deviate from the facts when it comes to the New Zealand justice…

The guy who wrote the book on weed tells us what he learnt

If you've got questions on what weed legalisation in NZ could look like, James is your guy.

Christchurch mosque attack terrorist sentenced to life in prison without parole

Words from some of the 93 people who gave victim impact statements directly to the terrorist's face.

We asked a legal expert what sentence the Christchurch terrorist might receive

The ultimate penalty in New Zealand is a life sentence without parole - a sentence no one in this country has received so far. Re: journalist…

A majority of NZers say they will vote to keep weed illegal

A new poll says majority of NZers would vote against legalising weed.

What you need to know about giving prisoners back the vote

Parliament has passed a bill that gives prisoners back the vote. Here’s what you need to know.

Relief in NZ’s Muslim Community After Christchurch Terrorist's Guilty Plea

The man due to go on trial for the Christchurch mosque attacks has pled guilty to all charges. He is now New Zealand’s first convicted terrorist.…

The West Auckland Bail House Trying to Keep Māori Out of Jail

The number of prisoners waiting for case outcomes is at an all-time high. Like the wider muster population, Māori account for at least half. A West…

Rediscovering Aotearoa: Manatika | Justice

A Pākehā criminal lawyer sits down with a Māori former-prisoner to talk about Aotearoa’s justice system. Awatea Mita was jailed for a non-violent drug crime. She…

Opinion: Bridges beats up on his own

There’s a slim chance Simon Bridges could become New Zealand’s first prime minister who has Māori heritage.  He’s trying to increase those chances by shitting on…

Let's Talk About Crimes

What crimes should be taken more seriously? What crimes should be taken less seriously? We take to the streets to see what you think.

NZ's history of terrorism

We revisit three terrorist attacks that have occurred in New Zealand before the Christchurch mosque attacks, as well as the government's attempts to control terrorism -…

Abortion law reform

In the wake of Alabama making abortion illegal, we take a look at abortion in NZ law. Currently it is in the Crimes Act but there…