Anger and outrage: students to rally against government climate approach

20 protests are planned across New Zealand for Friday April 5.

Auckland Grammar won’t let students buy single tickets to school ball

“It is essential to recognise that not all students have partners,” a student says.

Student support payments are going up to match inflation in NZ

But the Government is cutting lowering voting age and alcohol reform to focus on the cost of living.

Her best friend died at a Dunedin flat party. Now she's calling for change

Megan Prentice's best friend Sophia Crestani died in an overcrowded flat party in 2019.

Students twice as likely to live in mouldy homes than other NZers

35 percent of students had A4 size mould growing in their flats, a new survey says.

66% of NZ students struggling to buy food, clothing and pay bills

On average, those living in a shared flat spend 56% of their weekly income on rent.

Greens, student unions launch student wellbeing inquiry

"Poverty isn’t a rite of passage. It’s a political decision," Chlöe Swarbrick says.

Student allowances go up by $25: 'Feels like a poverty trap'

There's relief and frustration among students as allowances and living costs have gone up by $25.

Otago University is asking students not to party with Omicron looming

Otago University students have been asked to "put parties on the pause".

‘We're trying to make CVs irrelevant’: Rangatahi create new job app

It’s an age-old dilemma. You want a job but don’t have enough experience but you need a job to gain experience. 

It’s a problem that a group…

Thousands of high schoolers skipped NCEA exams this year – we asked them why

Covid lockdowns saw many students default to their derived grade or UEG

‘I felt pressured to go to uni’: Better career advice for teenagers could prevent dropouts

Former uni student says better career advice at high school could help prevent students dropping out

LGBTQIA+ competency questions now included in medical school interviews

The questions will assess knowledge of health issues for LGBTQIA+ communities.

Senior high school students in level 3 back at school next week. Exams to go ahead

Years 11, 12 and 13 will be back at school in Waikato, Auckland and Northland after the weekend.

Vapes just make vaping more common, don’t decrease smoking rates, research shows

New research shows the impact of vaping on university students.

Five AUT students tell us about having a positive case on campus

One of the Covid-19 community cases is an AUT student who was in a lecture at the city campus.

On the street: When did you send your first nude?

Re: hits the street asking people about their nude-sending habits and thoughts.

“Dreams come with a price tag”: South Auckland students on picking a career path

Which young people in Aotearoa have the freedom to pursue careers in the arts?

1 in 3 students facing housing deprivation had serious thoughts of suicide in the past year


New research shows high school students facing housing deprivation have double the rates of depression and suicidal thoughts. 

Based on an analysis of the latest Youth2000 survey,…

Students say they’re treated as ‘cash cows’ by uni accommodation

Covid-19 exposed how shitty student accommodation can be.

NZ uni students refuse to quit coffee despite negative side effects

A study shows one quarter of uni students consume coffee despite negative side effects.

Students at school strike 4 climate tell us what changes we need right now

“We are wanting our government to take some accountability to move forward and do something."

Students are refusing to pay rent for university accommodation they can’t use

Students at halls of residence across the country are being asked to continue to pay for accomodation they can’t access due to Covid-19 restrictions. Halls at…

Future essential workers are expected to live in poverty to get qualified

Covid-19 has made life harder for many New Zealanders, but students remain the only group whose support package is just more debt. Re: spoke with eight…

Opinion: Otago University fucked up with Covid-19

Doing the bare minimum until the last second is fine for assignments, but not for pandemic responses, argues Erin Gourley in this opinion piece originally published…

Student Side Hustles: Necta

After creating a brand for a marketing assignment at AUT, Noor and Jesse took their idea out of the classroom and into the real world. Necta…

Our favourite climate strike signs

On Friday 27 September, people young and old throughout Aotearoa striked for climate justice, with numbers in Auckland reaching a reported 80,000.

Here's a collection of our…

The HPV vaccine, ten years on

In 2009, the HPV vaccine became funded for all females between 12 and 18 years old. The vaccine was introduced to immunise against a virus that…

GirlBoss On the Power of Problems Facing Young Kiwis

You don’t have to be the next Elon Musk or Bill Gates to create social change. You just need a problem and we’ve all got those,…

Schools face off in esports competition

Some represent their school in netball or water polo - and some represent their school in League of Legends. These high school students compete at the…