South Auckland

South Auckland’s queer creative scene you may not know about

“Creativity, through any outlet, helped me understand that the way I’d felt, had a home.”

Analysis: Can Labour still rely on Pacific voters?

Indira Stewart hits the campaign trail in South Auckland to find out.

Brown Pride: The South Auckland gym ‘by the people, for the people’

Part of the gym's funding was facing the axe as part of Auckland City Council budget cuts.

In photos: celebrating Sāmoa’s win in the Rugby League World Cup

Sāmoa becomes first Pacific nation to make it to a Rugby League World Cup final.

Inside the South Auckland fashion show celebrating Pasifika style

"Fashion is being yourself [and] depending on the context, it can be whatever you want it to be."

Inside Auckland’s Ōtara Market: Community, taonga and taro

‘More than selling flowers, it’s about engaging with the local people’

A 21-year-old local politician on why he started working as a Covid vaccinator

21-year-old Logan Soole (Ngāti Kahu, Te Rarawa) is a local board member for Papakura. He started working as a covid tester during Auckland's lockdown after nurses…

Manifesting summer from South Auckland's front yards in lockdown: in photos

Photographer Geoffery Matautia aked his friends what they're most looking forward to in summer.

“Dreams come with a price tag”: South Auckland students on picking a career path

Which young people in Aotearoa have the freedom to pursue careers in the arts?

The Krump Club of Ōtara giving kids hope | The Outliers

“Krump is definitely a feeling that people catch,” says dancer Ennaolla Paea. “It’s this underground misunderstood community.” The Lighthouse is a dance crew from Ōtara who…

Meet Fable, the anonymous hip hop artist from Papakura | The Outliers

Most artists work for their faces to be recognisable, but Fable AKA Shy Boy did everything he could to stop that. “When I first started getting…

South Aucklanders on how Jawsh685 is changing the perception of their area

'Savage Love (Laxed - Siren Beat)' has hit 1 billion TikTok streams.

South Auckland is sick of being singled out

Many Pasifika feel they’re being cast in a negative light, once again.

Exclusive: Paige shares her new music video and why she loves South Auckland

We premiere Paige's music video for 'Waves', and hear why she has big love for South Auckland.

The Book Dedicated to the Children of South Auckland

This inspiring wee book is dedicated to the children of South Auckland and the Pacific ?? We can't wait to see you all change the world!

Our true stories from South Auckland, curated for the stage

It's not just a story - it's a movement' - Meet the South Auckland high schoolers smashing stigmas by stepping onto the stage with the help…