Why I wore cultural clothing to graduation

“My outfit means representing my family at graduation and showing where I am from.”

Gen Z and 'Gunge': Embracing the ooey-gooey realm of modern fashion

It's giving Nickoleon Kids Choice Awards.

Asking people how much their outfit costs: Christchurch edition

“Pretty much everything I am wearing is second hand.”

Here’s how your $10 t-shirt is made: fast fashion explained

40% of clothes imported into New Zealand were estimated to be made using forced and child labour.

Asking people how much their outfit costs

"We love a thrifty queen."

What rural fashion says about NZ culture

“There's nowhere here that you need to be dressed up to go. This is us. This is how we are.”

We challenged fast fashion addicts to find an op shop fit in 10 mins

“Looking like a million bucks for a dollar."

Inside the South Auckland fashion show celebrating Pasifika style

"Fashion is being yourself [and] depending on the context, it can be whatever you want it to be."

Inside the club night that’s elevating fashion in Auckland

This Africa Day, we revisit our night at the best party in town.

With op shop prices on the rise, second hand clothing becomes controversial

We look into the for and against argument of thrift flipping

Fashion brands like Kate Sylvester and Ruby may not be as sustainable as you think

Glassons and Juliette Hogan did not follow labelling rules, a consumer protection group says.

New report reveals which clothing brands are unsustainable

Where do your clothes come from, and how are they made?

Lockdown has helped fuel the second hand shopping industry

Lockdown doesn't mean we have to give up second hand shopping

My morning with an illustrator, ceramicist and fashion designer

A morning routine is like a ritual we practice every day.

Photo essay: looks from Auckland’s Pride Gala

Every year at the start of Auckland’s Pride Festival, the city’s best-dressed get together for the opening night Gala. 

This year we went along and took some…

The anti-snob vintage fashion store in Auckland | The Outliers

“If you don’t dress a certain way, they don’t think that you have the money to spend in their store and it’s hurtful. We don’t want…

Stylish people at a design festival describe their fashion and their 2020

Stylish people at a design festival describe their fashion and their 2020.

35 years of iconic NZ fashion house NOM*d

What’s kept NOM*d so relevant, aspirational and darkly cool for the last 35 years?

Hokohoko Kākahu me Theia | Thrifting with Theia

Alt-pop artist and lifelong thrifter Theia shares her best advice for shopping second-hand.

Pop duo Foley show us their hidden talent: ranking Birkenstocks

Auckland indie-pop duo Foley exercise their footwear critiquing skills, and review a handsome selection of Birkenstocks. Which Birk comes on top in Comfort, Utility and Fashion?


Finding freedom in Sweet Lolita fashion

"On days when I don't feel confident in myself... I can put on this piece of artwork. To me Lolita is a form of building up…

Our favourite quotes from wāhine at our International Women’s Day event

We threw a party to celebrate International Women’s Day, along with our mates The Oh Nine, and asked four powerful wāhine how they found their voice.…

Here's 10 of the best sustainable, non-problematic outfits from Splore

You could be forgiven for thinking the theme for this year’s Splore Festival was ‘Wear a Rain Poncho, But Make it Sexy’.
But it was actually ‘Infinity’,…

World of WearableArt: Fashioning a friendship

Having gone from kindy to uni to flatting together, Renee and Kayla are besties for life. And, for the last 10 years, they've both been creating…

Designer Wardrobe - starting and growing a business

Six years ago, Donielle Brooke was diagnosed with thyroid cancer – which prompted her to start her own business. She created Designer Wardrobe, a platform for…

Fashion designer told her work wasn't 'Māori enough'

Kohi Woodman was told her designs for her street fashion label IndigenousASF weren't Māori enough. Her response? "It's Māori because I'm Māori."

Ina Malama is smashing toxic masculinity with soft pastel tones

Ina Malama is a burgeoning Kiwi fashion designer dressing guys up in delicious colour palettes. Her outfits will have you looking like an urbane Fabergé egg…

Women like us - Refugees thrive rebuilding a life after trauma with Cottonseed fashion

"Every time we see clothing in stores, we say, 'We can make that.' Our leader said, 'Then why don't we?'" That was the genesis of Cottonseed,…

Shoe School

Looking for a shoe that fits your size and taste perfectly? Why not make it yourself? Lou Clifton runs Shoe School, where she teaches people how…

Outfitting Animals

Merino jumpers, fleece robes, shearling collar coats... are clothing items you can dress your dog in. Animal Outfitters is part of a growing pet care industry…