Election 2020

2020 in 2 minutes

A 2020 wrap-up to end all 2020 wrap-ups. Here’s 2020 summed up in two minutes.

Euthanasia still a yes, cannabis still a no, and Labour keeps majority with special votes

The special votes have been counted and the final results of the referendums and New Zealand’s 2020 general election have been released.

It’s still a no for…

NZ votes yes for euthanasia, no for recreational cannabis

65% of NZers voted yes in the euthanasia referendum. 53% voted no in the cannabis referendum.

What the party leaders had to say on election night

The winners and losers shared their thanks and thoughts as results rolled in

First-time voter Church on how politics isn’t as distant as he once thought

What it’s like being 19 and interviewing some of the country’s most powerful people.

Talanoa with Pacific MPs from the left and the right

National Party candidate Agnes Loheni and Labour Party candidate Hon Aupito William Sio join Torisse Laulu for a conversation ahead of the 2020 Election.

Brooke Van Velden on why she switched from Greens to ACT | Church and State

19-year-old musician and first-time voter Church talks to ACT's deputy leader, Brooke Van Velden.

Jacinda Ardern on the song that’s getting her through 2020 | Church and State

19-year-old musician and first-time voter Church meets leader of the Labour Party Jacinda Ardern.

Marama Davidson on being told she’s a “good Māori” | Church and State

19-year-old musician and first-time voter Church meets the co-leader of the Green Party.

Winston Peters on how fish heads are the secret to youthful skin | Church and State

19-year-old musician and first-time voter Church, from Church & AP, speaks to Winston Peters.

I watched the Young Voters' Debate and was actually entertained

Here are seven highlights from last night's showdown.

I don't know anything about politics: what's up with the polls?

Here's how political polls really work.

We asked a graphic designer to rate election billboards

Wellington graphic designer Matt does deep analysis of the colours, grammar and symbols of election billboards in the Ōhāriu electorate.

Stoners tell us why they smoke and how legalising might impact them

Stoners are hidden everywhere. From business executives to teachers, people from all walks of life love to toke every now and then.

The idea of Kiwis being…

The arguments for and against legalising weed

The main arguments for both sides of the weed referendum.

The guy who wrote the book on weed tells us what he learnt

If you've got questions on what weed legalisation in NZ could look like, James is your guy.