‘A hangover of a colonial past’: Why we have narrow views on relationships

The word ‘monogamy’ originates from Greek and European thought.

Rawiri Waititi calls on King Charles to address Crown’s ‘heinous legacy’

Today, Waititi said there was “no honour” in the British Crown.

How colonisation has changed the naked body

"If I raise a daughter, I'm hopeful about the world she will live in as a Māori woman."

Why I’m respecting but not mourning Queen Elizabeth II’s death: opinion

For Te Matahiapo, the Queen was the ultimate symbol of British imperialism and colonisation.

How colonisers went from learning te reo Māori to trying to exterminate it

“We were taught that everything they were doing was good and everything we were doing was bad."

The long-awaited Aotearoa history curriculum launches today

History class is about to become a whole lot more relevant.

Meet the kaikōrero advocates who are reimagining justice in Aotearoa | He Kākano Ahau: Wawatatia…

"Let's get rid of that old colonising system, let's start again."

We asked 8 rangatahi about their thoughts on racism

“That behaviour is very much alive in our country.”

Māori may have been exploring Antarctica as far back as the seventh century

New research shows Māori and other Polynesian voyagers have been navigating Antarctica for a long time, despite the dominant narrative in the past 200 years focused…

As Pacific artists, our very existence is activism | Disruptors 7

Performance artist Moe Laga and comedian James Nokise are two Pasifika artists who share similar cultural backgrounds but make work that is on absolutely opposite scales…

Reflecting on Captain Cook's many mistakes

"We'd go places, we'd see something we like and name it after ourselves!"

Three rangatahi sit down to talk about the Treaty of Waitangi

A Māori cultural advisor, an archaeology student and a Māori health professional sit down for a picnic and ask each other questions about Te Tiriti o…

Understanding Te Tiriti o Waitangi | Let Me Explain

Te Tiriti o Waitangi is one of the most misunderstood documents in Aotearoa. We explain why it's still a controversial document to this day.

It's 180 years…

Should Aotearoa cut ties with the Queen?

Is it time to cut ties with the Queen? We take a deep dive into all sides of this issue.

How the Kiwi accent evolved

Why exactly do we pronounce it like “fush and chups”?

One year since police served an eviction notice at Ihumātao, the resistance lives on

One year since police served an eviction notice at Ihumātao, the resistance lives on.

Māori-Asian solidarity in Aotearoa can be game-changing

When we talk about race relations in this country, how often do we consider the relations between Asian tauiwi and tangata whenua? It’s time for all…

Endless stories of racism in NZ schools

A question posed on Instagram has sparked a conversation about racism in NZ schools.

The time I tried to tag the Endeavour, and other thoughts on racist monuments

Statues of colonisers, slave traders and racists are being pulled down as part of a global reckoning with racism. In light of that, for this month’s…

As attitudes shift, more wāhine are carrying moko kauae

More wāhine are carrying moko kauae as we work to dismantle the impacts of colonisation.

Māori and the City: finding a flat in Wellington is the second-worst trauma after colonisation

This was supposed to be the first installment of Māori and the City, a new monthly column by Tayi Tibble. But then coronavirus happened and it…

Illustrations of what I think about on Waitangi Day

This Waitangi Day, we asked illustrators from across Aotearoa to draw what they think about on February 6th. Their images speak of resilience, courage, tenacity and…

A Zimbabwean mum, dad and daughter interrogate colonial tools in New Zealand

“The future of countries like Zimbabwe lies in the hands of the diaspora child.”

Amos Muzondiwa reflects with his wife Nyembezi and daughter Takunda on their two…

Illustrations of decolonisation

As part of our series Rediscovering Aotearoa, we asked illustrator Virginia Ngaio to visualise some of the statistics and quotes we featured. They speak of love,…

Rediscovering Aotearoa: Kōrero and Coffee

This week we launched the final episode of Rediscovering Aotearoa – a decolonisation series.

Here are some highlights from our panel chat about decolonisation and race relations.…

Rediscovering Aotearoa: Podcast - Hauora | Health

Only 4 percent of psychologists in Aotearoa are Māori. But Māori are 50 per cent more likely to experience mental distress than tauiwi, or non-Māori.
This episode…

Rediscovering Aotearoa: Hauora | Health

Medicine student Aniket Chawla is welcomed into a rongoā Māori wānanga (course) at Motatau Marae, near Kawakawa in Northland. He meets Juan and Tahjai Brown, twins…

‘What we are is enough’: the fight to ban conversion therapy in NZ

Sexual diversity and gender fluidity are nothing new in Aotearoa, they’ve always been around.
New Zealand is currently debating whether or not gay conversion therapy should be…

Rediscovering Aotearoa: Podcast - Takatāpui | LGBTQIA+

Gender fluidity and sexual diversity was an accepted part of Māori and Pacific societies before colonisation.

This episode is about Takatāpui | LGBTQIA+, and how pre-colonial understanding…

Rediscovering Aotearoa: Takatāpui | LGBTQIA+

Gender diversity was an accepted part of Māori and Pacific societies before colonisation. But European Christian values brought stigma and shame. Jaimie Waititi and Falencie Filipo…