The music festival trying to fuck up Christchurch’s conservatism

The top two tiers of the lineup are over 50% female, over 40% queer and 22% people of colour.

In My Opinion: It’s not safe to be queer in Christchurch

Christchurch’s queer community talk about what it’s like for them on a night out.

  • 05 Nov 22

The Christchurch neighbourhood that smells like ass crack

The smell is so bad some residents are leaving for good.

Christchurch students speak out over sexual assaults, rape in survey

The two surveys follow a similar report done at Christchurch Girls' High 15 months ago.

Asking people how much their outfit costs: Christchurch edition

“Pretty much everything I am wearing is second hand.”

Police issue MDMA warning after 20-year-old dies in Christchurch

Urgent call for people to test their drugs after serious incidents

“Are we safer?”: Unpacking the March 15 recovery efforts, three years on

Re: looked at what has been done when it comes to the Royal Commission of Inquiry recommendations.

I want to come out to my parents before my 21st | 2000s Baby

“I’m always known to be the quiet one.”

Making a Chinese Dish only found in New Zealand | Nathan Joe

Watch the final episode of Sik Fan Lah! now.

Two Young Nats resign after female politicians trolled online

This follows an investigation into an internet troll who was harassing female politicians.

NZ is leading the charge against online hate. But have we done enough?

When does free speech becomes hate speech? And can we ‘nip it in the bud’ before it's too late?

When do we call an attacker a terrorist? We asked three experts

After the Lynn mall terror attack, some Kiwis are confused about language used by media & politician

Human Rights Commission raises concerns about govt’s response to mosque attacks

Two years on from the terrorist attacks on two Christchurch mosques, the Human Rights Commission has released a report raising concerns about human rights breaches in…

A Pacific community advocate and Islam convert on the role of police in our neighbourhoods | The…

Growing up, Melissa Lama was taught by her mum to not make eye contact with the police. Now a Pacific community advocate and Islam convert with…

Mosque attack Inquiry triggers law changes and apology from government

The Royal Commission of Inquiry into the mosque attacks, released today, found particular government agencies failed to protect Muslim communities, as well as failures in firearms…

Survivors of the Christchurch mosque attack respond to the terrorist's life sentence

It's the first time in New Zealand history a person has been given life imprisonment without parole.

Christchurch mosque attack terrorist sentenced to life in prison without parole

Words from some of the 93 people who gave victim impact statements directly to the terrorist's face.

We asked a legal expert what sentence the Christchurch terrorist might receive

The ultimate penalty in New Zealand is a life sentence without parole - a sentence no one in this country has received so far. Re: journalist…

Photo gallery: the first night out in town in post-lockdown Christchurch

Last weekend New Zealanders were finally allowed to gather in groups of more than ten people. Arwen Sommer headed out to town on Friday night in…

New Zealanders tell us why they marched with the Black Lives Matter movement

On June 1, New Zealanders marched in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. Here's why.

New Zealand's Muslim community reacts to Christchurch terrorist's guilty plea

On the 26th March, the terrorist responsible for the Christchurch mosque attacks pled guilty to all charges. Muslim New Zealander of the year Asim Mukhtar talks…

Relief in NZ’s Muslim Community After Christchurch Terrorist's Guilty Plea

The man due to go on trial for the Christchurch mosque attacks has pled guilty to all charges. He is now New Zealand’s first convicted terrorist.…

The empty streets of Christchurch in photos

On Monday afternoon, the Prime Minister announced that by midnight Wednesday the entire country would go into lockdown to prevent the spread of Covid-19. This is…

One year on: Asim Mukhtar

Muslim New Zealander of the Year Asim Mukhtar was heavily involved in looking after survivors and families of those killed in the March 15th terrorist attack.…

One year on: Saba and Tyla

Christchurch couple Saba Khan-Hunt and Tyla Harrison-Hunt were on holiday in Melbourne when they got a text saying a gunman had entered their mosque and begun…

Where do all your tributes to Christchurch go?

Hundreds and hundreds of tributes poured through to Christchurch after March 15th, 2019. Flowers, cards, gifts, paintings and origami cranes piled up in a storeroom in…

What your flowers meant to a Christchurch terrorist attack victim’s sister

In the days following March 15th, Aya Al-Umari journeyed to and from the hospital every day in the hope that her brother Hussein was alive. A…

Meet the nudists of Christchurch

What is it like to live in a naturist club? The nudists of Pineglades Naturist Club in Canterbury show us how they'd "rather be nude and…

This 17-year-old has hundreds of thousands of bees

Ethan Manera (@ethansbees) is a 17-year-old beekeeper from Christchurch... who also happens to be afraid of bees. He tells us why bees are so important, and…